Why Would You Need a Land Surveyor

What is a land surveyor?

What do any of us know about land surveyors except they get called to find those little markers in the ground to indicate property lines? Somehow they can look into a tripod and using a stick they carry with them, measure the distance from a point, figure the angle of the legal property line. His decision is final. He is the one to settle disputes and determine the correct landlines.

When land is purchased, unfortunately, what is bought are legal rights, papers in a file in a courthouse, not the sand and dirt in a certain spot in your mind. What may not go with the land are water, gas, oil, and mineral rights. The marker may be incorrect or may be correct but might be challenged. Meanwhile, if you are planning to open a business that requires natural and physical resources, knowing the resource consent cost should be part of your utmost priority.

Incorrect Legal Lines

A lady argued she owned another two feet of waterfront property, though no one ever questioned what was what during several owners of both properties. They called a land surveyor to settle the matter and she was correct. The prime waterfront land was hers. In this case, the financial difference to the woman was great

Mortgage companies sometimes call for the limits and borders of a sale to be proven by a land surveyor, even when the future owner thinks there is no need. For this question about land boundaries that may later show up as a worry, property owners buy title insurance. A title does not always guarantee the boundaries of the land. There are exclusions.

Historical Evaluation

Land surveyors must do more than just walk on the land with their tools and measure it. There are other implications, both legal and historical.

A land surveyor also must consider history, as sometimes it takes precedence over legal jargon. On land, no one worried about, the public uses it as a pass-through to the beach. The public responded when the property was to be sold. What about the walk-through? It became a big question. The land surveyor had to find the width and boundaries, how long people had been using it as a pas though and whether the property owner knew about the walk-through. Finally, the land surveyor gave a decision for the width and total area of the walk-through, a fancy fence was constructed enclosing that small area.

Three Types of Land Surveyor

There are construction and engineering surveyors but click the following link if you need professional assistance with land subdivision Adelaide.

Going down almost any road construction can be seen. Sometimes it is on vacant land, but sometimes it is on land with homes and buildings are on all sides. The new boundaries coming about because of the new road, bite into these properties and need to be surveyed.

Next, there is a Geodetic surveyor

This surveyor is using satellites and aerial imaging to layout a large area of the earth.

And then there is the land surveyor.

This is the surveyor we call when we have a boundary dispute. Or when we are considering putting up a new building and need to know not only the property line but how far near them the building can be.

Seven Different Surveys

What is the purpose of the survey? Now it is time to decide what kind of survey is needed. What are you going to do that you need a survey, split the land and give half to your child or build a new building?

  • A property sale for investment or personal use. This type of survey is used by mortgage companies and must be done to get title insurance. This is an ALTA survey.
  • Boundary Survey to assure the lines and boundary of the property. This survey settles disputes and records easements, and other legal issues.
  • The location survey is often used when someone is fighting to a zone. It involves new buildings and construction on the property. It pins down the construction and improvements.
  • Subdivision Surveyor is brought by the business owners who are dividing one parcel of land into lots. This requires a specific type of survey that must be recorded at the court office.
  • Site building survey is used when someone applies for a building permit.
  • A construction survey is used when construction needs to be laid out with stakes and markers on site.
  • Topographic surveys are used when architects need to locate every structure and natural object, like ponds, utility poles, trees, and topography.

Once it has been decided a surveyor will be needed, accept it. Find someone to give a good referral.

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