Why Washington State has Become a Popular State To Live In

Washington is a state that has balanced growth and development with environmental conservation.

It’s also the home of many beautiful cities and towns, from the urban centers of Seattle and Tacoma to the small towns of Central Washington.

The benefits of buying homes for sale Battle Ground WA can be summed up in seven points.

Why Buy Homes For Sale Battle Ground Wa

1. Job Opportunities

Washington is home to major tech companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook. Washington is also a major producer of apples, cherries, and seafood. These are just but a number of the biggest employers.

2. No Income Tax

There is also no personal income tax in Washington state, meaning your paycheck will go farther than in other places where such a tax exists.

3. Environmental Friendly

The state of Washington is also ranked in the top five most environmentally friendly states in the nation. Among its recent improvements is adding more mass transit to meet the rapidly growing population of Seattle. Washington is one of the most bike-friendly states because more people commute by bike than by car.

4. The Weather is Perfect

Across the state, the climate varies considerably. The state has two parts: eastern and western, divided by the Cascade Mountains. Rain forests thrive in the country’s west region because of the humid climate created by Pacific Ocean air masses. In contrast, the plants grow in moderate temperatures here.

Temperatures along the Pacific coast average about 50 degrees per year. This area is ideal for watching the seasons change. As autumn fades, snowy winter replaces it, and spring brings hope and joy.

5. Nature

There is something magical about nature in Washington, which is another reason many fishers, sailors, hunters, and hikers decide to move there. The state is known as the “Evergreen State” because of its many breathtaking landscapes such as forests, coasts, mountains, and meadows. Verdant forests cover its rugged mountains, while its pastoral farmlands have abundant shrubs and vegetation.

6. National parks

Washington’s beauty has a magical effect on visitors. You will never forget the experience of being here. There is a lot to see in the Olympic National Park. A day is not enough to fully explore it. In addition to seeing Makah Indian reservation, you can also visit Cape Flattery, the westernmost point of the United States.

Mount Rainier National Park is also a great place to visit. Alpine meadows, snow-capped peaks, lush forests, fast rivers, and trails for every taste await you. The terrain is suitable for walking or climbing a volcano.

7. Education Opportunity

In Washington, a variety of higher learning institutions offer two- and four-year degrees. Besides being world-class, the education here is also affordable. A state government program in 2015 lowered tuition by 15-20% for four-year colleges, making college more affordable.


Washington’s relaxed weather and world-class education offer all its residents the opportunity to build the lives they want with something new always just around the corner. If you want a place to stay in  Washington, WA, check out homes for sale in Battle Ground, WA.