Why there’s never been a better time to get a job in Turkey

Moving abroad for work is a fantastic way to find new opportunities, and one of the most popular places for Indian job-seekers is Turkey. The economy is booming, so much so, in fact, that during the recent COVID-19 pandemic, Turkey was one of the few countries whose financial position continued to improve when others were shrinking. If that isn’t enough to convince you, then there are always beautiful old buildings and stunning coastal regions.

The social climate in Turkey is also recognized for being one of the most open, certainly in the region, but on a par with Indian culture in its acceptance of all kinds of religious followers. Tolerance is the prevailing theme, and this is visible in the welcoming stance taken by workers and tourists of all backgrounds. When you’re not at work, make the most of your downtime by hopping on one of the extensive bus network transport options and touring the popular beach towns of Marmaris as well as Antalya and Alanya.

Job availability

Since 2021, there has been steep demand for workers in the agriculture sector, and construction jobs with a high number of vacancies. While work may dry up in European nations as their economies struggle, Turkey continues to offer secure jobs for workers from India in search of a stable income. **iVisa.com** can help Indian citizens to apply for the visa documentation required to enter the country and start working in a new role today.

Career Options

Due to government-mandated rules that prevent lawyers and doctors from foreign countries from taking jobs in the medical or law fields, there are more roles available in positions working with food collection and harvesting, as well as in the packaging industry. If the English language is one of your strengths, you’ll be able to obtain work easily, as Turkish citizens are keen to improve their English-speaking ability.

Quality of Life

The cost of living is lower in Turkey than in any of the countries in Europe, and especially lower than the cost of living in the UK and the US. It’s cheaper to eat out in restaurants in Turkey, so make the most of the pricing and dine out at the weekend for the occasional treat. Transport costs significantly less, making it easier to get to and from work, and rental fees are also a lot more competitive.

Freedom of expression

Like India, Turkish society is a colorful blend of people from a mixed variety of backgrounds- both in terms of religion and geographical background. Listening to the different accents that fill the air in any souk or market is a pleasant reminder that people have come to Turkey from countries all over the Middle East and surrounding countries to enjoy a peaceful life, free from persecution. Working in Turkey is an excellent option for nationals of many countries.

Turkish food

If you’ve never tried an authentic Turkish kebab, you’re in for a treat! There’s plenty more where that came from, as Turkish cuisine is renowned for its flavors, no matter which part of the country you will be living in. The beach city, Antalya, is the home of the piyaz salad made with candir beans, tahini, and the chef’s secret mix of herbs, usually including parsley and garlic. In the most traditional homes, a chopped soft-boiled egg is mixed through before serving.

Work visa simplicity

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