Why should you use hemp oil?

Is it safe?

What else should I look out for?

Its variations

Do you find yourself looking for that health supplement that does the trick? Adds a little more quality to your life…

Well, hemp oil could be the answer. You may know this already but it has several benefits. Whether you’re a wannabe athlete or an aspiring celebrity, hemp oil is widely used.

Most of the benefits come under the treatment of general health problems, including inflammation and acne to name a few.

Specific ingredients include omega 3’s, magnesium, vitamin E and more.

I recommend looking up the benefits for each term, you may find that there are several that you may benefit from, but that’s the great thing. Hemp oil doesn’t just have one benefit that is limited for one use, it has many.

It’s most praised benefit is for skin.

Whilst searching, there are several well sourced youtube videos that explain the oil in more detail.

However, I can’t stress this enough, try to find well researched papers and videos from qualified professionals when researching the product. Your health is important and you should look after it, by providing your body with the best natural ingredients possible.

Is it safe?

Although we have discussed its benefits. There is no point in discussing these without considering if it’s safe or not. This is the make or break question.

Hemp oil products are still a fairly modernized phenomenon, so we need to know the precautions.

Overall, it is deemed as safe by many professionals, so you can keep a few of the worries to bed. Even though I do encourage further research as I still think the user should be as well informed as possible.

This brings me to my next point. When searching for hemp oil products, search for a specialist who has experience in the medical field. They may have their own website or an online shop.

But it can be a good way of knowing the accuracy of the source. You may be able to read a bit about their background, which can be useful.

Like with all these things, there have been reported side effects. Although, these side effects are generally fairly minor when used correctly.

What else should I look out for?

Hemp oil should not be confused with CBD, which is a common misconception. Make sure you know this when purchasing. Although some hemp oil products will contain strains of CBD and CBG.

When searching be sure to make sure the THC is equal or less than 0.3. To put it simply, the higher the THC the more unsafe it is.

It’s a good fact to know.

You can choose the strength from each product. The strength is measured in mg’s, usually ranging from 1000 to 2000.

People recommend starting it at the lowest dose possible so your body can get used to it.

As I mentioned before, safety is the most important factor out of everything. Be sure to check the lab certificates for the products.

That way you can get a better idea of the general authenticity applied.

If the site does not contain them, then your best bet is to move one.

The product is relatively well priced. You won’t have to spend your life’s savings.

Ahh what a relief.

Its variations

At this point, you are probably wondering what it tastes like? Me too,

The oil itself has a strong taste. It is known to taste like sunflower seeds.

You can use the oil for several different recipes, including salad dressing, salsa and pesto sauce, to name a few.

Some do come with coconut extract as well as being directly applicable to the skin.

Wow, what variations.

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