Why Myrtle Beach Is So Popular Among Retirees

Retirement is a well-earned opportunity to not only rest but also enjoy and do all the things you’ve put off for years; not to mention how much quality time you can enjoy with your family. You can enjoy a lot of things in Myrtle beach like Dolphin tours and Pirate Dinners. The Myrtle Beach dinner shows are just something you need to experience.

Regardless of whether it’s enjoying a rigorous daily golf routine or planning to soak up the sun and salty air by the beachside, the truth is a lot of new retirees are often looking to relocate to a new place where they can relax.

Located in the Grand Strand area, Myrtle Beach has been a popular retirement destination for many people. It is considered to be one of the best retirement destinations in the United States. But what does the city feature prominently as a favorite retirement location for many people? What makes the city stand out from other places?

Click here and read on to gain a better understanding of what makes Myrtle Beach such an attractive retirement destination.

It’s Quite Affordable

With retirement comes a lot of challenges and the top among them is knowing how to manage your finances. Since you won’t be getting your salary anymore, chances are that you will solely depend on your life savings or side-business to sustain your lifestyle.

By moving to Myrtle Beach, you can rest assured that you won’t have to worry about your finances. This is because unlike other places in the US, the affordable condos in the city make it a retirement paradise.

There are plenty of affordable condos for sale in Myrtle Beach at any given time. The vast majority of these condos have a median price of $102,200, making the city one of the most affordable real estate markets. For more information click here: 55+ communities in Myrtle Beach

Highly Favorable Weather

Retirement is all about enjoying and doing things you wouldn’t otherwise do while working. To do this effectively, you will probably want to live in a place where the weather is neither too hot nor too cold. It’s for this reason that many retirees prefer Myrtle Beach over other cities in the US.

Myrtle Beach has one of the most subtle climate conditions as a beach city. The city enjoys a sunny climate for close to 215 days of the year. The temperate climate makes it perfect for anyone to take advantage of the water activities such as swimming or jet-skiing all year round. There are also plenty of beach activities you can do during the spring and fall such as kayaking and fishing.

Additionally, the more relaxed and fresher atmosphere experienced through the winter months is reason enough to love Myrtle Beach. With an average temperature of 3 °C in January, winters in Myrtle beach are perfect for people of all ages.

The Beautiful Endless Beaches

Another reason why many people prefer to retire in Myrtle Beach is because of the beaches. Whatever the weather, you are guaranteed a good time at the beach. However, during the summer, Myrtle beaches are full of tourists, with millions of people swarming the city to enjoy the beaches and summer sun.

The entire Grand Strand is made up of incredible beach cities. However, Myrtle Beach is the biggest city in the region, making it the best place to go for an exceptional beach experience. You can walk for miles across the extensive beach line as you enjoy the serenity of the white sands and calm ocean waters.

Low Tax Rates

As mentioned above, one of the biggest challenges that retirees face is how to manage their finances. As such, the vast majority of retirees tend to shift to frugal living or solely depend on income retirement. In such situations, it’s of utmost importance to ensure that you keep as much money in your pocket once you retire.

One of the best ways of ensuring that you live a comfortable life of retirement is by moving to areas with low tax rates, such as Myrtle Beach. The state of South Carolina has one of the lowest tax rates in the entire country. Even better, social security benefits are not taxed, which makes it the perfect option for retirees.

Considering the low tax rates coiled with the fact that the city has a favorable cost of living, it comes as no surprise that Myrtle Beach is a retirement haven for many people.

Good Health Care Services

As you enter your twilight years, your health becomes your biggest concern. This fact mostly applies to retirees as they seek to settle in places with the most affordable and comprehensive health services.

According to statistics, health care services in Myrtle Beach are some of the best in the entire state of South Carolina. Health care centers in the region understand that Myrtle Beach has quite a significant population of retirees.

For this reason, a lot of them have made services geared to suit an aging demographic available. You can expect to find all kinds of health care services in the city, including physical and occupational therapy, among others.

The city also has emergency medical services which are often on standby 24/7 to cater to any medical needs.

World-Class Golfing

If you’re an ardent golf fan and you’d love to continue playing your favorite sport during your retirement, Myrtle beach is perfect for you. For so long, Myrtle beach has been a golfing enthusiast hotspot in the world, and there’s an excellent reason for that. There are over 100 golf courses darting the coastal community, which offer ample opportunities for golfers of all ages.

The best thing about most of these courses is that they are public utilities. This means that anybody can enjoy the serene amenities without necessarily having a membership. However, there are plenty of options for retirees looking for private courses.

Enjoy Your Retirement in a Productive Environment

With over 60 miles of coastal beach, dozens of annual events, water activities, and more than 100 world-class golf courses, there are plenty of things to do in Myrtle Beach. While most retirees will focus on all the fun activities, some are looking to relax and enjoy the serene weather with their loved ones.

Regardless of your taste, you’re guaranteed to enjoy your golden years in Myrtle Beach should you decide to call you home.