Why It’s Important to Know Your Human Rights

Human rights define relationships between people. They empower people to express themselves and get fair treatment in jobs and other social setups. They also restrict those in power from oppressing the less advantaged. They place a code that all persons are equal before the law.

Without human rights in place, some people could be living in oppression without a remedy to their suffering. They are vital for the full development of individuals and communities. To dig deeper into the topic, here are various reasons why you should know your human rights. Keep reading.

To Get Your Basic Needs

The first reason why you should understand your human rights is to get basic needs. These needs include food, water, and shelter. If there were no human rights, then the poor would continue to suffer under the hands of the supreme and lack their essential basic needs in life. If you know your basic needs rights, you will not suffer in silence, which means that you will get the things you need to survive.

To Recognize The Disabled

Sometimes, the disabled receive unfair treatment from other people. And as mentioned by multiple studies, many disabled people end up in depression due to unfair treatment. Others even get suicidal. Luckily, an SSI lawyer can help you claim your rights and get the benefits you deserve. You may click here to know more about the social disability lawyers, and how they can help you. Because of the human rights laws, you can report anyone who disrespects the disabled in society.

To Prevent Corruption

Corruption cases have been increasing significantly in every corner of the world. From the government to public institutions, corruption has been making headlines. Human rights can protect you from becoming vulnerable. If you note any corruption case, you will only need to report it to the nearest police station, or any concerned body. In this way, you will be safe from corruption.

To Encourage Freedom of Speech

It is the right of every person to express their ideas. As a citizen, you can freely ask a question, express your opinions and seek clarification. Nobody/ person has the right to attack you or oppress you because of a speech you make. You can seek legal help against any person who intimidates your speech or stops you from expressing yourself because of human rights.

To Protect The Environment

The state of our environment is deteriorating day by day. From air pollution to soil pollution, many environmental hazards have interfered with our immediate surroundings, making it hard to go green. According to the law, every human being has the right to breathe clean air and stay in a clean environment. This means that you can readily report any person/ firm which messes with the environment because they will prevent you from enjoying your rights.

To Encourage Equality

For long, black people have been victims of racism. Most of them have received unfair treatment at work, at roads, churches, and even in the streets. Besides racism, some people, mainly the poor, have suffered in the hands of the rich. This is something which the law prohibits. It is the right of everyone to be treated early. For instance, on the farm, everyone should receive equal treatment, irrespective of their gender, age, or beliefs. If we know our human rights and observe them, we will encourage equality, and the world will be a better place for us.

To Practice Your Religion

To Practice Your Religion

It is the right of everyone to practice their religion. According to the law, everyone is free to choose the religion they would like to follow, without being harmed. Also, anyone can change from one religion to another in their own will. When you know your rights, you will worship freely without fear of being attacked or mocked.

To Prevent Child Labor

According to the law, children below the age of 18 years should not do hefty work. They should be protected and provided for by the guardian until they become citizens. Therefore, you can freely defend the human rights of any child who is misused by his parents/ or any other person.

To Get The Right Education

The law requires every child to get the right education. Sadly, this is not always possible due to poverty and other economic threats that many families in third-world countries face. However, you can freely report any parent/guardian who knowingly restricts you from getting your education rights.

There are many reasons why you should know your human rights, but the above are the main ones. You have the right to get basic needs, education, good health care, equality, and so on. So, don’t suffer in silence anymore. Raise your voice and report the lawbreakers to the right authorities.