Why Have Students Become ‘Slaves’ to Electronic Gadgets

It is trending nowadays to talk about technology and how we became slaves to it. However, there are always pros and cons, so don’t get too pessimistic. Technologies make our lives simpler in many ways, and we even don’t realize it.

There are many situations when we wouldn’t survive without using technology. Our modern world and speed of life won’t tolerate your protest against it. By the way, will you avoid using your gadgets in such situations?

  • You are in a completely unknown place and you are lost. You are nervous as you have a meeting in 15 minutes and you know you have to be on time. However, it looks like you lost your direction and it’s not always a good idea to call and ask how to get to this place. What will you do? People rely on gadgets nowadays. So, the easiest way to find the direction is to check Google Maps. How many critics of technologies will ask people around them if they can help and show the way? There is a big possibility that no one knows the correct answer and you will be late. Definitely, you will use the technology to get to the place faster.

  • Another example. We all know that online learning is a good idea to know something new and gain new skills. Nowadays we can find courses literally on any subject in the world. Lots of online platforms have mobile apps that make learning easier. All you need is your gadget so you can learn even during the time you are going to work or home. Why not use this time wisely?

  • What if you are tired and want to listen to music? If there is no technology, you have to invite the whole orchestra or your favorite band to play your favorite album?

  • How do we communicate with people who are 1000 kilometers from us? With the help of letters and carrier pigeons?

  • Many students try to combine studying and part-time jobs, but it means, they automatically use more gadgets to prepare their home tasks ”on the go”. Your electronic gadget won’t write you an essay, but it will lead you to the right people, who can. Should you get in trouble with your new assignment, make sure to check https://www.customwritings.com to get fast and professional essay writing help online. The coolest thing is that you can make an order using your smartphone, and in a few hours when the essay drops right in your email. resend it to your instructor or print it. Nothing more needed!

Is Your Smartphone a Friend of a Foe?

Can you specify all the features your smartphone has? Do you always need them all? Earlier cell phones used to be only communication tools, but nowadays they are getting smarter. They have GPS navigation, one or several cameras, wellness trackers, and the listing goes on, just upload any program you want! We use them any time we can, we rely on them when we need to find information, direction, people, etc.

Of course, if you want to know something, you just google it. The majority of internet users google with smartphones, not desktop internet browsers. The situation is the same when we study and need to check on something we don’t have time to learn. We do the same when we get any type of home assignment, don’t we? It is not going to help you, but this is a habit we cannot give up. Your smartphone doesn’t help you when you need to submit a huge essay and have no time to sit in front of a computer screen and type it. However, you can research and at least save some useful links for your future writings.

Besides, all the answers for tests are at your fingerprints. All you do is google the information you need. Additionally, if you have no time to read a huge book, you can always check the content online. Unfortunately, these widely used ideas don’t help you to succeed. Anyway, it’s good as sometimes it can help students a lot.

On the other side, people become addicted to their smartphones and other gadgets which sometimes can lead to really tragic consequences. One of the examples is when people are obsessed with selfies and forget about basic safety rules. It can lead to tragedy. Each year the number of people died because of selfies increases, and lots of social action campaigns are made to warn people from doing risky selfies. Because of phones, people become unattentive which also leads to many incidents.

Why are we so focused on smartphones? We enjoy being online and our brain produces dopamine, which is released every time we do something we like and enjoy. it might be a bar of good chocolate, but it also might be your new photo on Facebook or Instagram that is getting more and more likes. Dopamine stimulates a response in your brain that makes you feel good and can even create addiction. That is why smartphone usage doesn’t have to affect your health, the way you behave and communicate with others. Think about it! Is your smartphone a friend of a foe? It depends on you!