Why Does Your Dog Need a Water Fountain?

If you have a pet dog, there are many responsibilities that you need to accomplish to be able to take good care of them. Your dogs should always be groomed, their teeth should be brushed regularly, and you need to feed them with a well-balanced diet that is packed with all the nutrients that their body needs. But aside from those, one of the important things that you should not forget is to keep them hydrated. This means that your pet dogs should always have access to a bowl of clean and fresh water.

However, if you are busy with work and other house chores, it can be quite difficult to always refill the bowls of your pet dogs every day. Aside from refilling them, you also need time to rinse the bowls for them to drink clean water. If you are also struggling with keeping your dog’s water bowls clean and filled with water every day, then maybe what you need is a water fountain for your dog, just like what bringerpet accessories offers.

Water fountains of any kind, such as bird bath water fountains, for dogs, are similar to automatic dog feeders that help keep our pets full and happy. They are designed to keep your dog’s water moving, filtered, and fresh. Stagnant water can easily become dirty water. Therefore, it makes sense that a dog water fountain would be a healthier option than leaving your pet’s water bowl sitting around all day and through the night.

Many dog water fountains are also equipped with filters, and they recycle water through a filtration system before pouring out back into the drinking bowl. With this, even when you’re not at home, you can ensure that your dog’s water is constantly cleaned and cleared of debris before they drink it. If you’ve seen or heard about a dog water fountain and you’re wondering if your dog needs it, you’re in the right place. Today, we are giving you the reasons why your dog needs a water fountain.

Dogs Generally Prefer to Drink Moving Water

If you’ve ever noticed your dog drinking from a dripping faucet or sometimes from the toilet bowl, it’s because, based on studies, animals, particularly dogs, prefer to drink from moving water rather than still water in traditional bowls. One theory about this is that the wild ancestors of dogs relied on natural sources for drinking water. In addition to that, running water is safer and less polluted compared to stagnant water. There’s also another theory which states that running water tastes better. But no matter the reason, it is proven that dogs will choose to drink moving water than stagnant water. With this, having a water fountain is a perfect way for you to create good drinking habits for your dog.

Water from a Fountain is Cleaner, Cooler, and Fresher

Water fountains for dogs are automatic and use a submersible pump to circulate your dog’s drinking water constantly. And since the water is in constant motion, it is naturally cooler and more refreshing compared to stagnant water. In addition to that, in a water fountain, water passes through a filter to clean out any dirt and impurities, making it clean, fresh, and better-tasting.

A Water Fountain Can Encourage Your Dog to Drink More

An average healthy dog drinks around an ounce of water per pound of body weight per day. It means that if you have a 50-pound dog, it can easily go through 50 ounces of water or about half a gallon of water daily. And during warmer days or after exercise, they will require more water. Since dog water fountains can keep your pet’s water in constant motion, keep the water cool and clean, and make sure that there’s always fresh water available, they will tempt your dog to drink more and drink water often.

A Dog Water Fountain is Convenient for Busy Fur Parents

A water fountain for your dog is not just beneficial for your pet but as well as for you, especially if you are always busy with other tasks. A lot of dog parents find water fountains to be more convenient to use compared to standard water bowls for a lot of reasons. They can hold more water than a regular bowl, water can stay cleaner longer, and they do not need to be cleaned daily and filled water regularly. It means that maintenance is simple with water fountains. You can simply clean them weekly and change the filters monthly.

Dog Water Fountains Look Good

In addition to ease of use and supply of fresh and clean water, dog water fountains also look good. They range from small to large sizes and come in different styles, too. Depending on the style or type of dog fountain you choose, it can actually add some color or design to your décor. They come in different colors, styles, and sizes and are made with different materials, like plastic, ceramic, and stainless-steel for you to choose from.


Water fountains for dogs may cost more than standard water bowls for pets, but it comes with a lot of benefits, not just dogs but as well as for pet owners. They are easy to clean, convenient to use, decorative, and can provide your dog with clean and fresh water 24 hours a day. Therefore, if you’ve decided to get a water fountain for your dog, follow the link to get one, and to check out other cool accessories for your pet, too.