Why Do You Want To Become A Worker Compensation Lawyer?

Are you looking to start a career as a workers comp lawyer, it will do you a lot of good to intimate yourself with the requirements of this profession.

Personally, I would like to commend you for wanting to chart this career path of standing by the side of aggrieved employees who have sustained injury while going about their day to day job requirements.

It is a noble cause you have decided to be a part of, of course it is not one where you will reap your reward in heaven.

But first, what are the possible reasons why anyone would love to become a workers compensation lawyer? I have compiled a number of reasons, let’s see if you find any that resonate with you.

  • A career in law is perceived by the public as a prestigious one. Lawyers enjoy a unique professional status and an often glamorous image perpetuated by the media.
  • An opportunity to help the society: Lawyers sometimes do pro-bono service for individuals who can’t afford to engage the service of a lawyer. Findings reveal many bar associations set a minimum number of pro bono service each lawyer must perform each year.
  • The opportunity of specialization in diverse areas of the law: thanks to the increased fragmentation of the industries. Lawyers now have the opportunity to specialize in areas like foreclosure, workers compensation, catastrophic injuries and so on.
  • The earning potential: Lawyers are one of the best paid professionals in the world and their service is never out of demand, from individual, small businesses to large corporations, almost everyone requires their service one way or the other. In 2020, the average salary for a workers compensation lawyer was pegged at $126,930.

So how does one become a workers compensation lawyer? First you must earn a bachelor’s degree in law, go to law school for 1 year where you will obtain a Juris Doctorate then you are required to sit for the  state bar exam in order to obtain the license to practice law. To practise as a worker compensation lawyer, all you have to do is seek employment in a law firm that specializes in this aspect of law.

So what are the functions of a workers compensation lawyer?

  • According to a trusted source, Workers compensation lawyers represent parties to legal disputes involving injuries sustained by workers on the job.
  • Worker’s compensation lawyers can represent either the injured worker or the company. For instance if an injured worker is seeking fair compensation or if a worker is trying to take undue advantage of the company.
  • Worker’s compensation lawyers also work to ensure that their clients receive any funds due to them as a result of a judgment or settlement.
  • Worker’s compensation lawyers are in the best position to advise their clients on whether it is smart to settle for an out of court settlement or to go to court.
  • Workers compensation lawyers help in taking the deposition of the aggrieved, medical practitioners and others involved in the case.
  • Workers compensation lawyers assist in performing legal research into their client’s case so as to enable them make the best judgment on how to approach the matter.
  • Workers compensation lawyers answer their clients questions and guide them through the legal process of getting their desired compensation.
  • Workers compensation lawyers negotiate settlements on behalf of their client and also ensure their client gets appropriate medical attention.