Why do Women Love Diamonds?

We all know that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but why?

It’s no secret that women love diamonds. Whether it is the glassy shine of a light yellow or the sparkle of a gemstone with perfect clarity, women love these glittering gems. Diamonds are a symbol to all of us, a sign that even the blackest carbon can be compressed down into something beautiful. They are the truest representation of courage under pressure making something wonderful.

Despite all of these wonderful facets, we still don’t really know what it is about them that makes women love them so much. Nevertheless, we came up with a few ideas. Here’s our take on why women love diamonds so much.

Why do women love diamonds so much?

What is it about these perfectly shaped beauties that make them so sought after? Here’s what our research turned up.

It’s Not All Women

First of all, we turned to Quora, where many women were quick to point out that they weren’t necessarily bothered about the diamond, and would rather have a good man. This aside, let’s look at the woman (and the men) that really, really, really want the diamond.

It’s an expensive investment

Next, we turned to Reddit, where users were asked what it is about diamonds that make women love them so. The top answer here was that the expense spent on the ring indicated that she was a worthwhile investment as a partner. It seems that a diamond ring indicates a partner who will be able to provide for her.

And a symbolic one

The expense spent on the ring symbolizes the time and effort the man is going to put into taking care of his new wife. This symbolic investment in both of your future’s is a sign of a fruitful, healthy, happy marriage that is to everyone’s benefit. Unions are partnerships, and the diamond solidifies that partnership in a way that no other gemstone can.

Diamonds are Indestructible

If you were to smash a diamond ring, run it over with your car, or drop it into the garbage disposal, the diamond would survive. This is another important symbol of love. It should be indestructible, no matter what… just like the diamond on her finger.

It also adds peace of mind. Even if the setting gets damaged, that stone will be intact.

They are seen as the Rarest Stone

Although not nearly the rarest fine earth mineral on the planet, diamonds are given huge prices due to their clarity, carat, and color. If you have a diamond, you are seen as worthy of the rarest stone on earth, even though it isn’t really the rarest stone. The rarest gemstone is Painite, of which only one known sample exists.

Where to Buy Diamonds

Of course, you should never rush off and buy yourself diamonds if you’re not sure of the source. Always shop through a reputable dealer and don’t be fooled by knock down rates, the diamonds may well be fake! The presence of high-quality diamond photography is a significant indicator of a trustworthy jeweler.

Instead, shop from a trusted, reputable diamond seller that has been in the business for years. There is at least one trusted wholesale diamond dealer in Dallas too, if you are looking to buy more than one.