Why Dab Rigs are So Popular?

Dab rigs have caught up as the new rage when it comes to smoking apparatus for herbs. The herb concentrate is in the form of a “dab,” a gooey, oily substance, which, when heated, emits smoke.

Dabs are so popular that they have led to a 40% increase in marijuana concentrate sales. Sellers have started to offer dab rig bundles that give you great discounts and help you continue to enjoy your smoking experience. Wax pens are also a popular way to enjoy the vape and you can easily find then when you search for wax pen near me on the internet.

At first glance, you may think of it as a bong, but it’s different as it uses dab instead of the dried herb, delivering an extraordinary flavor. This article discusses the reason why dab rigs are so popular.

Less Is More

Dabbing needs a small amount of concentrate to deliver a flavorful and power-packed hit, which beats even the classic rolled joint. Since the dab is concentrated, it packs more flavor in the smallest quantity. When you use dried leaves, other elements apart from the flavoring can hamper the effect of the smoke. With Enails, you only get what you want, which is intense flavor.

The rig allows you to control the temperature, which is difficult in a rolled joint. Controlled temperature helps the herb concentrate burn at a constant speed, giving you consistent flavor and high.

Highly Efficient

The apparatus comes with crab caps which act as a sealant, encasing the heat within the banger. This converts the Quartz Bangers into a mini oven and works wonderfully even at low temperatures. Low temperatures mean that the concentrate will evaporate slowly, allowing you to enjoy the experience longer and fully. You also do not lose any smoke as you inhale to your satisfaction.

Improved Experience

Since water is used to cool down the smoke before you inhale it, the flavor is strong but does not taste like smoke. You can control the temperature to increase or decrease the intensity of the flavor to get an even hit each time you take a puff. These devices are so popular that dab rig bundles sell like hot cakes as one is not enough.

Saves Money

Everybody loves an excellent herbal concoction, and your heart bleeds when the last parts of it are not used up efficiently. One gram of marijuana concentrate costs anywhere between $11 to $31. Using a dab rig can help you save money, as you can use the wax more efficiently. You can make the concentrate last long and ensure that every bit is used up by using low temperatures. Less dab saves cost in the long run.

Variety Of Nails

Dab nails are the key to the efficient functioning of a dab and come in various materials. You can take your pick from borosilicate glass, ceramic, quartz, titanium, or e-nails. E-nails are a new invention that heats up electronically and emits consistent heat throughout your dabbing experience.

Marijuana sales have skyrocketed this past year as people had more leisure time at hand. The popularity of dab rigs also matched the pace, making rig bundles one of the hottest selling items in the cannabis smoking space. You can order your bundle today and save significantly on the cost of the apparatus.