Why are the Japanese So into Online Gambling?

In recent years, online gaming has become very popular in Japan, most especially playing in online casino sites. Even though the laws are still unclear in many ways, most Japanese gamblers found a way to indulge their love of playing online casino games. If you’re from Japan and you love gambling online, here are some ヴィーナスポイントで入出金できるカジノサイト(casino sites where you can make deposits and withdrawals with Venus Point).

From online roulette to online blackjack to online poker games, the Japanese are big fans of online gambling. For them, it is an exciting and incredibly modern way to bring the thrill of the casino into their homes. If you are wondering why people in Japan are so fond of online gambling, you’re in the right place. In this article, we are going to take a look at Japan’s love for online casino games and how it started.

History of Gaming in Japan

The Japanese suffered massive economic sanctions that limited their capability to produce after being defeated in World War II. With this, the nation had to evolve in order to secure its future. The answer to this issue was electronics. Throughout the mid-20th century, technology has been gaining more and more traction. Soon enough, Japan became one of the top exporters of electronic goods in the world.

Japan was pioneering the new games console market by the 1980s with the Atari. This may seem basic in the present time, but during those times, games like Space Invaders, Pac-Man, and Pong were seen as a massive technological advance that amazed consumers all over the world. Millions of people bought the Atari, along with its competitors, the SEGA and Super Nintendo consoles. Some of the most iconic and best-selling games of all time also originated in Japan, and these include Super Mario, Zelda, and Sonic the Hedgehog.

With this, we can understand why the Japanese love all things about gaming and technology, and it also makes sense that they were so into online gaming. This means that it is not such a huge jump from the success of gaming in Japan to the huge popularity of online gambling, particularly online casino games.

Gambling in Japan

Gambling in Japan

Among the many different gambling games, Pachinko is one that has been enjoyed all across Japan for many years. This game is like a pinball that involves elements of gambling. This is, without a doubt, one of the most widely played casino games in Japan. Since it is considered as a game of timing, it is legal in Japan even though it has gambling elements. Most Pachinko machines use a token system, removing the transfer of real cash between the player and the machine.

Aside from the game of Pachinko, another interesting element of gambling culture in Japan is the popularity of Baccarat. This game started in France in the 19th century with the nation’s nobility. It became popular due to its simplicity.

Slots are also becoming more and more loved in Japan in the present time, and many Japanese players have been accessing foreign websites to enjoy these games. A lot of people see the increasing gamification of slots as the main reason behind the popularity of the games in Japan. In addition to slots, the Japanese are also enjoying blackjack.

Online Casino Games in Japan


Pachinko may continue to be the best game in Japan when it comes to brick and mortar gambling. However, when it comes to playing online casino games, it can become more diverse. From online slots to roulette, the Japanese people love to gamble online, even though their laws around gambling are unclear and old-fashioned.

The Japanese players also love to play online games of blackjack, poker, and roulette, just like the gamblers in the West. They particularly love to bring the fun and thrills of the casino into the comfort of their own home, which is exactly what the best online casino games can offer.

Sports betting on the permitted activities of horse racing, motorbike, motorboat racing, and J-League soccer are all popular with both gamblers and casual viewers in Japan. But this is far from the country’s only betting activity. The mobile betting market enjoys a strong following in Japan. Even though it is theoretically strictly prohibited, gamers are able to download these games to their smartphones and win money.

Gambling took a long time to become regulated in Japan. Up until now, there are still many political and social groups against it. The latest bill addresses live venues that do not affect or say anything about online casinos in the country. This means that people who decide to play on the internet will continue to do so via offshore and internationally-licensed operators.


The Japanese are so into online gambling because of the fun and entertainment they experience from it. This is not surprising because it’s in Japan, where all the best video games originated. No wonder they are also fascinated by the online casino games being offered online, which are colorful, high-tech, and fun to play. With their love for online gambling, there’s no doubt that soon enough, Japan will catch up with the times and come up with a legal framework for online casinos.