Why Are Musicals So Enjoyable?

There will be many people who look at musicals and wonder what their appeal is. Essentially, they are performances that pander to those who love music, and those who have seen them will agree that they just hit different compared to traditional plays or even movies. Musicals exist in a category of their own and they are enjoyed by millions of people the world over. In the same way that a gambler would likely sit down after work to play at some of the sites that can be found at CNOG, those who enjoy musicals make it a point to see the latest showings and listen to as many soundtracks as they can.

Musicals, plays and movies

Ultimately, musicals are a performance that is only made possible by people, which is why they can be compared with other plays and even movies. The latter two are certainly as impressive in terms of spectacle, and most people in the world will at least enjoy one or the other. However, movies are plays are alike in that they have access to many different genres and can tell many different stories in a way that replicates real, spoken conversation. Of course, real-life conversations are never as polished as what can be seen in these productions, but there is no denying that do a good job of it.

This is where musicals differ from the rest and become a completely different beast. As most will know, musicals use lyrics and music to convey a story. It is possible to have a musical that is entirely just singing, though these are relatively rare. The fact that musicals seek to do away with trying to replicate spoken conversation and opt to use songs instead allows the actors to express their emotions easily, arguably more than what could be expressed had the lines been spoken.

Why do people love musicals?

While musicals do not have a massive worldwide appeal like video games or even movies do, those who are part of the community will agree that there is no in-between with loving or hating musicals. People get enjoyment out of them because they are so emotive, so expressive that they are simply unlike any other production in the world. Apart from being able to hear some of the most incredible voices in the world, musicals also offer a chance for composers to flex their musical prowess. Creating the lyrics for each song in a musical is a difficult task but writing music that engages the audience and leaves the song playing in their minds long after the musical is finished is a different task altogether.

How can people get into musicals?

It might surprise some to learn that they may have already had experience with musicals. Popular films such as Mamma Mia and Hairspray are both musicals and watching options like these is a great way to get into the scene.  Hamilton is another great musical that has proven to be a phenomenon during the last few years, and it is a great first show for beginners to watch.

It should now be clear why musicals are so enjoyable for some people, and those who were considering getting involved may now have the confidence to do so.