Why Are Fitted Wardrobes the Better Option for Your Bedroom

It’s typical for someone to want an organised bedroom with plenty of storage space for everything. Although it is easier to purchase closets and chests for storage, there are advantages to having a custom-made wardrobe that is aesthetically pleasing and more efficient and organised, which meets all your storage requirements.

If you’re building a home or thinking of upgrading your bedroom, here are some reasons why a bespoke wardrobe is a better option.

A wardrobe according to your needs

A store-bought wardrobe typically has fixed storage spaces, which may not have all the necessary drawers and shelves that you want. Many of these closets are bulky yet not roomy enough to hold all your clothing and accessories. Think of the freedom that a fitted wardrobe offers.

Because the wardrobe follows your requirements and preferences (and possibly your design), you can include all the details and features you need. You can add storage space for your shoes, hats, bags, and other accessories. Also, you will be dealing with an experienced designer who can give you plenty of advice and design ideas.  Visit the link and check out the best wardrobe design gold coast.

Efficiency to the max

Most modern homes are small and compact, so finding a wardrobe that will fit the available space nicely is challenging. Or some may have built-in wardrobes that take up too much space, leaving no extra room for other bedroom furniture.

Fitted wardrobes are your answer if you want your bedroom to be more efficient, as you can maximise the space and still choose the style and design that you fancy. The designer will utilise the area to the max. You won’t have gaps between closets, to give you more storage. A fitted wardrobe can turn nooks and crannies, and odd-shaped spaces inside your bedroom into extra room to keep everything neatly organised and hidden.

Wide range of wardrobe designs and attractive finishes

With a designer, you can choose which type of fitted wardrobe you need from a wide range of designs. You can choose the style and finish you want that will complement the theme of your bedroom. The designer can divide the closet space so that you’ll have space for everything that you need to store. You can choose from a variety of finishes and textures, such as high gloss, in keeping to your interior design’s theme.

Customisable storage

You decide on the number of compartments, shelving, or rails that you need with a fitted wardrobe. You can have full-length mirrors on the doors, longer or more rails, spaces for belts, scarves, shoes, bags, caps, and hats. If you have several clothes to hang, you can choose to have longer rails. You can have more shelves for folded shirts and drawers for underwear and other small items.

Cleaning is easier

If you’ve experienced how difficult it is to clean under and between free-standing closets, you’ll welcome having a fitted wardrobe. You do not have to squeeze your arm into that small gap or overstretch your arm to clean the top of your closet. A fitted wardrobe occupies all the space available without any gaps, so cleaning your bedroom is easier.

Have a space for everything you have in your bedroom that needs storage space, with a fitted wardrobe that looks like part of your bedroom design.