Which Rolling Stones Albums Sound the Best on Vinyl

There are many different methods of listening to music, many of which have come and gone throughout the past several decades, but there’s one that’s here to stay: Vinyl. Most people agree that listening to music on vinyl offers a much different sound than listening to music from a playlist on Spotify. 

So when it comes to vinyl, which Rolling Stones albums should you add to your collection? In all realities, you should probably own all of them, but here are a few of the best. 

Aftermath (1966) 

Both the UK and US versions of this album are ones that you should add to your collection. The US version was recorded entirely in Hollywood when the Rolling Stones were just getting started. They no longer relied heavily on covers and began to produce full albums with their own original music. 

Aftermath features the use of the sitar, marimba, and the dulcimer, adding depth and complexity to an already fantastic album. With heavy blues and rock influences, this album is definitely one to add to your shelf. 

Features songs such as: 

  • “Paint it Black” 
  • “Under My Thumb” 
  • “Lady Jane” 
  • “I’m Waiting” 

Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out! (1970) 

You can’t miss Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out!. This album was recorded live in 1969 during an American Tour. Most of the songs from the album come from Beggars Banquet and Let It Bleed, making this album an excellent choice for those who can’t decide between the two. 

The tour also celebrated the addition of guitarist Mick Taylor to the group, replacing Brian Jones. Almost all ten tracks were recorded over two nights at Madison Square Gardens. Tracks include: 

  • “Sympathy for the Devil” 
  • “Street Fighting Man” 
  • “Midnight Rambler” 

Sticky Fingers (1971) 

Sticky Fingers is the first album released after they started their own label, Rolling Stones Records. It’s also the first album featuring their new logo, the famous tongue and lips design. Andy Warhol designed the cover art for this album, and the songs emphasize their brand of in-your-face vocals about sex and drugs. 

Sticky Fingers is a classic and memory all in one, with its ties to Rolling Stones history. This is definitely a good one to add to your collection, especially with how it sounds on vinyl. With saxophone and sweet guitar solos, this one will fill your home nicely. 

Tracks include: 

  • “You Gotta Move” 
  • “I Got The Blues” 
  • “Moonlight Mile” 
  • “Sway” 

Exile on Main St. (1972)

Before the Rolling Stones were crossed off most people’s “to listen to” lists, they released a few more good albums, including Exile on Main St., which is a double-LP featuring rock, country rock, gospel, and more.  

Rolling Stone legend states that Exile on Main St. was mostly recorded in Keith’s rented villa in France in late 1971 while the Stones were living as tax exiles. This album was powered by drugs and alcohol and produced many great tracks, such as: 

  • “Sweet Virginia” 
  • “Happy” 
  • “Tumbling Dice” 
  • “Casino Boogie” 

Where to Buy Vinyl Records

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