Which Phone Plan is Right for Your Family? Discover the Pros and Cons

When your growing family is all getting to the age where they have separate social circles and desire to have their own phones, it is time to cut costs by getting the best family cell phone plan to get a handle on your monthly budget.

But saving money doesn’t have to mean that you will lose perks that you are accustomed to or would like to benefit from.

There is plenty of competition in the wireless service space; we have pulled out several cellular family plans to help you figure out which one is right for your own family.

Verizon Family Phone Plan

The Verizon 5G Play More family plan offers up to four cell phone plans to be billed together for just $180 per month.

The 5G Play More plan may not be the least expensive plan that Verizon has available for you, but it sure is what can be argued as the best perks worth taking advantage of out of their plans.

Play More subscribers get Disney+ streaming service access automatically as part of their service plan, along with an online gaming subscription from either Google or Apple or Google.

If you want 5G coverage, you can get it, including access to Verizon’s faster Ultra Wideband service.

Keep in mind that Verizon does reserve the right to restrict your data if you happen to go down a researching rabbit hole online and go over 50GB on this plan, or just sign up for 5G Get More, which offers unlimited data plus and more.

Pros: It offers fantastic coverage and an unlimited hotspot on all plans.

Cons: When it comes to value, T-Mobile’s plan offers more.

AT&T Family Phone Plan

The AT&T Unlimited Elite 4 line plan costs $200 per month with an emphasis on streaming.

If you don’t mind paying a little bit more each month, then this is a really good phone plan for your family from AT&T. At the top of the list of useful and enticing benefits here would have to be the fact that you get HBO Max included with your service.

The AT&T Unlimited Elite 4 line plan also offers 5G service, 40GB of LTE hotspot data, and HD video streaming, which is not particularly common with many unlimited plans.

AT&T has updated its plan to allow for 4K streaming when that option is available, and they no longer slow down the speeds for Unlimited Elite users, no matter how much data they use up.

AT&T also gives its users an Unlimited Extra plan with more benefits or a Starter option with fewer benefits if you wish to go that route.

If you pick the starter option, you will be able to secure four lines for just $140. Similar to Verizon, AT&T allows you to mix and match plans to customize a combination of options that will best suit your family unit’s cellphone usage.

Pros: You receive unlimited 5G data, free HBO Max, and mix-and-match plans.

Cons: You may find it to be a bit pricey compared to the other options.

T-Mobile Family Phone Plan

The T-Mobile Magenta family plan covers up to four cell phone lines and costs $160 per month.

When it comes to the overall value for family plans, T-Mobile is arguably the best overall value, with unlimited 5G data on all the plans, and still not being that expensive in comparison to other options.

The first line costs $70 if you sign up for auto-pay. The second line costs $50, and any other extra lines cost just $20 for a grand total of $160, including the discount for enrolling in autopay, taxes, and fees as well.

From time to time, T-Mobile may waive the cost on the third line of data, so see if that is being offered while you are shopping around with them. On multi-line plans, T-Mobile will cover the cost of a $9 Netflix subscription and throw in a free year of both Apple TV Plus and Paramount Plus. You also get 5GB of LTE hotspot data with the Magenta plan.

Pros: You get your third line for free, free Netflix streaming, and 5G is available.

Cons: Unfortunately, you are unable to mix and match their unlimited plans.

If you are over the age of 55, consider the T-Mobile 55 Plan Pros and Cons.

Xfinity Mobile Family Phone Plan

The Xfinity Mobile 4-line plan is a great deal for families that are already Comcast customers and only costs $120 a month.

Xfinity Mobile has jumped into the competitive ring with T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon with attractive options for families by providing discounts if you add multiple phone lines to its unlimited plan.

For example, at the moment, a single line of unlimited data typically would run you $45, but escalating discounts cut down the cost for a family of four to only $30 per line, which equates to $120 total on a monthly basis.

Xfinity’s cellular service is on Verizon’s network, along with that carrier’s expanding 5G network, which means faster coverage for customers if that is what they desire.

Pros: You can get discounts on multiple lines, and the service is backed by Verizon’s network.

Cons: This family plan is only available to Xfinity’s internet customers.