Which Hair Care Products are Right for You

Any sort of care products produced aim to be as general in their target market as they can. But that can be pretty impossible in this world full of diversity that we live in. Whether it’s hair care products or skin care products, all kinds and types of hair and skin exist, and so it is not as simple to have a product that is one size fits all.

Different Hair Types

Everyone is aware of how different hair types exist, but what does it mean to have these different types? The main difference that defines the variation in different hair is basically the curl pattern. To be specific, these are four in number. There are different hair care products available in the markets that help in the caring of hair in their own, specific ways for all these four hair types.

There are further subdivisions in these four types as well, but the general way of taking care of your hair varies mainly between the four major types that are as follows.

Straight Hair

Straight hair is the first type. The strands individually may be thick or thin, but they consist of no curls or waves as they fall. This hair usually quickly gets oily easily, and so products that don’t add to the already existing oil in the hair are recommended.

Dry shampoos are recommended for people with straight hair for this very reason. Serums that are too heavy in their nature aren’t the best choice either because of the already existing oil in the hair.

Wavy Hair

Wavy hair has different subdivisions to it, like type 2A, 2B, and 2C. 2A is mostly wavy hair with waves from eye level hair to the ends. For this, if you’re trying to keep the natural wave, oil-based products are a no go. Instead, you can use the usual hair care products and gel for keeping those waves defined.

Haircare for type 2B and 2C is also the same, and the only difference that comes in what products should be used for styling them in their own way.

Curly Hair

While sulfate can generally be harmful to your hair, it is especially bad for curly hair as it dries the hair out and leads to breakage. For this hair type, a leave-in conditioner works like a charm and moisturizes the hair further, better styling the hair. Don’t waste any money on poor quality products promising hair growth, try Allurium Beauty.


Coils are type 4 and are generally the most sensitive amongst all the other hair types. You have to treat coils with a lot of care and use products that provide it with all the moisture required. Moisture doesn’t have to necessarily come from oils; creams and deep conditioning masques can be used.

Type 4C coils are the most sensitive and can easily break as well if you do not provide it the sufficient nutrients that it needs. For that, rich conditioners are the best solution.


Another factor that massively affects the kind of hair care product you should be using for your hair is porosity. This is your hair’s natural ability to absorb up moisture. This already explains the types of hair care products that one should be using. If your hair is less porous in nature, you should most preferably use products that are lighter in nature to not weigh your hair down.


The density of the hair can also influence the kind of hair care products that should be used. If you have low density hair, try to avoid heavy products and look for lighter creams and products.


All in all, there are all sorts of products available for all different hair types, and to find them all, check out Prose.