Which Are the Common Orthopedic Conditions Seen in Baseball Players?

When it comes to getting orthopedic injuries, athletes are more prone to getting those. The reason behind that is the nature of sports they play and the requirement of frequent movements, positions, and activities. Out of all, baseball is one sport in which players are also prone to getting orthopedic injuries and shoulder & elbow are the two common locations for that. Dislocations in case of fracture may involve the use of Ortho Implants.

Baseball is a fast-paced sport that requires throwing the ball at a good speed and hitting it with a bat. Players of this sport need to be active and require frequent running and movement of the shoulder and elbow. Here, we’re going to discuss some common baseball-related orthopedic injuries.

Common Baseball-Related Orthopedic Injuries

Rotator Cuff Injuries

A group of four muscles that help in the shoulder movement is known as the rotator cuff. Overuse like the repetitive motion of throwing the ball could result in compression of the rotator cuff’s tendon as they pass through the joint in the shoulder. This is a painful condition and is seen most commonly in baseball players.

Labral Tear

This is the condition where fibrocartilage surrounding the shoulder socket is torn. Pitchers who throw the ball in baseball are said to experience this condition more often. A labral tear is characterized by the loosening of the labrum while making the whole joint unstable.

Shoulder Instability

The shoulder is the most overused joint while playing baseball and instability of the shoulder is known to be one of the most common orthopedic injuries occurring in baseball players. When the shoulder becomes unstable, it loses its ability to perform normally. The person will experience pain during the movement of the affected shoulder. Complete rest could help treat this condition, but if no relief is seen even after rest, surgery may be the last option left.

Thrower’s Elbow

As the name suggests, this condition is more in pitchers as they throw the ball at a good pace. This condition is characterized by the inflammation of wrist flexor muscles resulting in pain. This injury is also known to be caused due to overuse and pitchers who throw the ball with the poor technique are more prone to developing this condition.

Muscle Strains

Another baseball-related injury is muscle strain and repeated motion of pitchers and the intensity at which they throw the ball increases the chances of getting strain in their muscles.

Flexor Mass Strain

Another strain that is experienced by baseball players is flexor mass strain, and this is the condition in which a group of muscles and tendons known as flexor mass is inflamed. Strain is the result of stress or tears in the flexor mass and the condition is very painful. Even a wrong pitch could also lead pitchers to get flexor mass strain.

Most baseball-related injuries could be treated without surgery, but serious cases may require surgical intervention. Orthopedic surgeries may need trauma implants to treat the condition.

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