Where to get the MLB schedules

If you’re a die-hard MLB baseball fan, you know how challenging it is to watch every single one of your team’s   games. There are time zones, and most people are at work during games that are played in the middle of the day. The problem with this is that the majority of TV stations have chosen not to broadcast games that could be played during the day or on the east or west coast.

Also, MLB provides a comprehensive timeline with all days and hours that can be very difficult for many other people to interpret.

However, it doesn’t take long to find at least one major league game on TV every spring or summer night. However, you should get the major league schedule if you follow your favorite club or prefer to go to a game near you. The next few paragraphs will tell you how to search for the MLB schedule online.

Search MLB.com

There is a website on the internet that provides detailed knowledge about MLB teams. This includes the latest result, position in the leaderboard, nations, players, news and even audio broadcasts. The MLB schedule can also be found on this website. You can access and search the Major League Baseball website by typing or copying and pasting the above address into your browser. Otherwise, you can just click the website link. Find the red toolbar at the top of the page after logging into the MLB website. You must select the “Schedule” option from the menu. You can see the schedule for the currently scheduled baseball games as well as the schedule for the upcoming games.

Depending on availability, online ticket purchase is also possible. This excellent website caters to all your MLB schedule needs.

Check on ESPN

This website provides other useful sports information. You can find both current fixtures and upcoming fixtures. You can search MLB schedules for the last seven days as well as archives for your knowledge. If your internet connection is strong, you can listen to the MLB game live online on XM Radio, which you can access by simply clicking on the link next to the scheduled game. Online ticketing, stadium information and even pitcher statistics have all been made easier with the Internet.

ESPN has worked hard on MLB to give fans access to Major League Baseball’s entire season schedule. Count on it for breaking baseball news.

The MLB schedules are all available on CBS Sports. Visit Online Schedules for an extensive table of MLB programs for current and upcoming games. Spring training dates are also provided. You can choose to organize the details by daily plans or team plans. Additionally, CBS will provide a TV channel listing for the game (if any). Check out the calendar provided under the MLB schedule for those who prefer to plan ahead.


With the above avenues, it will never again be a problem to know when your team is playing and at what time. You can click on any of the upcoming Major League Baseball United States season games to view the full schedule of MLB games scheduled for that evening.