When The Pandemic Takes Its Toll: How To Start Feeling Better?

The world is not an easy place to live in, especially when there’s a pandemic threatening the lives of people all over the world, including ourselves. It was all fun and games until we realized that the lockdown is serious and that our loved ones are at risk of getting infected or worse. People started to panic, especially those who belong to the group that is at risk of dying from the virus. We can blame it on the universe that we are going through this hard time, or we can try to take control and find ways to make ourselves feel better. Obviously, it is better to tell ourselves that we can feel good again and we are here to tell you how.

Avoid Obsessing Over the News

We have access to every platform that posts news and updates about the number of new COVID-19 cases and fatalities. Like many of us, you probably check other countries’ numbers too. This will only increase your anxiety and do you no good, so, it is better to check the latest updates every week instead of every day to stay in the loop rather than be caught in it.

Also, meditation can help you clear your mind and expel out any obsessive thoughts. It will help you reduce stress and enable you to think logically about your situation. As a result, you will come to see that you will be fine as long as you follow the social distancing rules and maintain good hygiene.

Take Care of Your Physical Health

You may realize that you’ve lost your appetite or that you are binge-eating unhealthy food to fill the hole that resulted from self-isolation. You should turn that around by eating lots of fruits and vegetables to increase your immunity. Also, healthy food makes you feel lighter and lifts up your mood while keeping you fit.

Social distancing doesn’t mean that you cannot have a morning run; you can still enjoy the fresh air while keeping your distance from others. If you used to go to the gym, you can still work out and increase your stamina at home. Coaches from all over the world offer their services online and can help you establish a workout routine to keep you occupied. Who knows, maybe by using this time as an opportunity to take care of your physical health, you will reach your body goal this summer.

Ask for Help

There are a lot of signs that indicate that you need to ask for professional help. For instance, insomnia, anxiety, long-standing sadness, and unhealthy coping mechanisms are major reasons to start looking for a therapist. It is not easy to admit that you need to seek help for your mental health because of the stigma surrounding mental illnesses, but luckily, people are now more accepting and less judgemental. Since there are no in-office appointments, some psychiatrists meet their patients online to support them and help them get better until face-to-face sessions are allowed again.

Cope with Uncertainty

We don’t know where life is heading or when we will get back to our normal lives. That alone creates uncertainty and doubts, especially if you lost your job or if your salary was cut in half. You start worrying about how you will put food on the table or pay the bills. In this situation, you should take a breath and remind yourself of all the things that you still have control over.

You can search for online jobs and keep sending out your resume until you land a job or start a small business from home. Moreover, sticking to a budget can help you manage your finances, pay your bills, and feel better about yourself because you learned how to make the most out of what you got.

Stay Connected

Technology is on our side and we have many platforms that are keeping us connected despite the quarantine. We should stay in touch with our friends and share how we feel so we can find solace in relating to each other. It is also okay if you want to take some time to yourself to reevaluate your life, as long as you don’t isolate yourself completely.

Distract Yourself

At times, you will need to keep your mind from going to dark places and thinking about worst-case scenarios. That’s why it will be beneficial to pick up an old hobby that you let go of because of your busy schedule. You can even reinvent yourself by learning a skill or instrument that you have always wanted to play.

We have to remind ourselves that we are more resilient than we give ourselves credit for. You can always make the best out of this bad situation. So take the time to do things that make you happy and remember, it is also okay to just take care of your physical health and mental wellbeing while waiting for the pandemic crisis to end.