What size winch for jeep?

Jeep always discloses itself as a special vehicle, which holds all kinds of super utilities than the other typical vehicles. When a consumer considers buying a jeep, he just thought about the off-road experiences. Likewise, winch is a very monumental staff to enjoy the real feel about driving on any hollow road. Therefore buying a winch is a great decision indeed.

Since it is very necessary, but there is a matter of price and quality. To buy a winch, you need to pay a good amount of money. Thus, it would be best to come up with a mind of buying the proper one, which is perfect for your jeep. Here suggest a perfect wing size along with some specifications.

Winch size:

The body shape and weight of all jeeps are not the same. Some jeeps are large along with speed and engine power. Therefore, it is a little bit tough to say the accurate winch size as well. Since we consider it for off-road operation, then we should consider a powerful winch for the vehicle. Eventually then winch size is a common phenomenon among off-road enthusiasts. The experts and the jeep lover suggest 8000 lb winches for the jeep, which can pull up 1.5X weight of the vehicle.

On the other hand, every vehicle holds a gross vehicle weight rating known as the vehicle’s estimated weight. The jeep manufacturer includes the estimated weight with the vehicle’s user manual, and you can easily fix up the proper winch for your vehicle. Afterward, if you choose the 1.5 x than the GVWR, it will be so prominent to pull more weight than your vehicle weight.

Eventually then if your loaded jeep is stuck in a muddy road, it will provide you with strong support to get rid of such an unfair situation.

Winch Guide:

Here added some features of 8000 lb winches, which will be very helpful to set up your mind to choose it based on your vehicle requirement. In addition, depending on the weight, prominence of the particular staff is also more important.

  • Winch placement

Generally, we place the winch in the middle position of the front carrier of the vehicle. So the winch size and weight is a matter of concern about the perfect performance. If the size is larger than the carrier, then it is very hard to fit it; furthermore, a heavily weighted winch incapable of maintaining the balance.

Eventually, it loses more power to pull the vehicle, and it will not be considered a durable winch. Nevertheless, it will be risky in the long run. Therefore, perfect size and weight can prove you a leading performance.

  • Straight Pull

A GVWR is unable to provide a straight pulling than the 1.5 x. When you are stuck in a wild situation, you need to use the winch at a straight pulling position. Straight pull gives a strong operation by providing the maximum power of the winch.

However, if the winch is not in the straight position, it loses some power, and as a result, you need more time and anxiety to come out of the situation. Though there seems some unfair position to continue the straight pulling, you need to care about it as much you can.

  • Perfect Power

For providing the power, the supply here is a winch motor. There are two types of motors: a permanent magnet (PM) and a series wound (SW). Both of them are condign in different situations. In another sense, here is a battery to boost up the alternator to operate the wind.

Therefore, the battery should be a good quality of cell, which can produce enough charge. It should not be corroded, showing and rusty. Likewise, here is some wiring about the connection. Then the wiring should be implacable, and the cable should not be damaged.

At last, all kind of connections should is secure and along with squeaky-clean terminals. If it is not implacable, there is a chance of damage to the system fall when you are stuck in a muddy road high-rise, watery road. Also, it could be considered as the mother system of the winch.

You should more careful about it. If you fall into a dangerous situation and the power system falls, it will be tough to tranquilize. Then do great care of the power box according to the performance of the alternator.

  • Winch cable:

Winch cables do the prime work of the winch. It ensures its operation about the quality and size of the winch. Since it works outside part of the winch, then it should be durable. There are mainly two types of ropes. One is wire rope, and another one is synthetic winch rope.  Be sure to check out the Ropes Direct Website for great options.

After that, a single wrap of cable is necessary for the powerful steps of the winch. Around the winch drum, there may be many wrapped on the cable. Likewise, every warp of the cable loses 10% power of the cable. So you have 5- layers of your cable, then it loses a good amount of power which is not considered.

In other calculations, a 15000 IB winch will be lost 6000Ib about the pulling purpose. It also proves we should choose the weight, which can pull more than the gross weight of the vehicles. However, one layer makes the cable strong, and it turns more power about the pulling. Finally, a single warp cable can optimize the power, then the multiple warps along with the anchor point, which is far away from the winch.

Final Thoughts: 

From all points of view, a winch should contain the above features along with the size of the winch. However, the size matters a lot, but the inner and outer tools and stuff should be more capable according to the size. If you want to buy a winch for your jeep, then the winch review helps you settle the ideal one for you. On the other hand, it will give you a great lifetime service to enjoy the off-road experience indeed.