What Should You Check When Buying CBD Salve For Dogs?

The market for CBD-infused pet products is likely to go above the billion-dollar mark by 2022. Therefore, the billion-dollar question is “how to pick the right CBD product for your pet”?

Salve for dogs are soothing agents that help heal hot spots, bug bites, allergies, and other forms of skin irritations in your pet. While the benefits of these products surpass any risks, it is best to check the following features in the CBD salves.

Analysis Report

Usually, the labels on CBD products indicate the amount of CBD content, but you need to make sure you read the labels thoroughly. Too little CBD oil can result in ineffectiveness, and too much can have adverse side effects. You should also make sure that the THC is at a bare minimum or not present at all.

Does Not Contain Any Harmful Chemicals

Many salves and creams are infused with solvents, fungicides, or other chemicals to make them last longer and keep them fragrant. It is better to buy organic CBD salve for dogs or products with no such harmful chemicals.

Expensive Is Not Always Best

High price does not guarantee better quality. Often, the company simply charges for the packaging and marketing, while the product itself would be of mediocre quality. Instead, look for customer reviews and decide.

Full-Spectrum or Isolate

If you are a first-time user of canine CBD, it will be a matter of trial and error. That’s because some dogs respond well to full-spectrum while others respond better to isolates. Be cautious when using isolates as they are the pure form, and even a small dose can yield excellent results.

Hemp or CBD

Hemp oil comes from hemp seeds and does not contain any traces of THC. CBD is derived from the leaves, stems, and flowers of the plant and contains trace amounts of THC, but more importantly, it contains other compounds of the Cannabis sativa plant. These compounds are known to treat a wide spectrum of conditions.

Plant Source

CBD plants are grown locally and imported from other countries as well. Some imports have questionable origins as they use unscrupulous methods of growing plants to save cost. By buying these, you may end up supporting these unethical methods of production inadvertently.

Therefore, it is important to research the source of raw materials before you buy a CBD product.

Third-Party Testing

Third-party lab-tested CBD products are highly reliable as they have to comply with the government’s regulations. They check details such as concentration levels of CBD, contents of agricultural contaminants, and traces of heavy metals.

Since CBD products are likely to be used regularly, it is best to ensure that the salve is free of these deadly chemicals.

Your dog’s inquisitive nature does not mean that it has to suffer from allergies, hot spots, or bug bites. CBD Salve for dogs is your best bet to alleviate such concerns.

Make sure to follow the above pointers before you pick your product. Use the safest product that suits your pet’s skin and doesn’t result in any adverse effects later.