What Shapes, Sizes and Colors Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Come in?

Himalayan salt lamps have become a new trend in home decor in recent times and yet not everyone is familiar with them. This is probably the central question on many people’s minds that what are Himalayan salt lamps? Well, Himalayan salt lamps are made up of red or sometimes pink crystal rock taken from the Khewra Salt Mines in Pakistan. To make a lamp out of this real rock chunk, a hollow is created in the center of the carved Himalayan rock with the help of a chisel then a bulb is placed inside to brighten it up.

The Himalayan salt lamp comes in different sizes, colors, and shapes. These salt lamps vary in size, color and shape which allows you to select the one according to your aesthetic taste and the lighting effect you would like to have in your personal space.

Shapes of Himalayan Salt Lamps:

You will never find two Himalayan salt lamps exactly the same in size, color, and shape. There are natural veins, rock cracks and striations making each lamp look unique and different. We can say each Himalayan salt rock candle lamp is one of the best decor item.

There are basically two types of Himalayan salt lamp shapes. One is a natural shape while the other one is a hand-carved shape. The natural shape salt lamps are most popular and are mostly preferred by the customers because of their natural beautiful look. Their natural shape represents the surface of real Himalayan mountains from where they were excavated.

On the other hand, the crafted salt lamps are available in a number of beautiful shapes including special carved shapes. They help to add a contemporary touch in the room decor by their fancy shapes

Some of the common shapes of salt lamps include:

  • Natural rock shape
  • Sphere
  • Cube
  • Pyramid
  • Globe
  • Bowl
  • Any kind of special carved or crafted shape

Colors of Himalayan Salt Lamps:

The real Himalayan salt lamp comes in a variety of colors. However, the most common color is the combination of pink and orange. Darker shades like amber and deep red are also available. The rarest color in the Himalayan salt lamp is white. These unique salt lamp colors come from real salt caves of Himalayan in Pakistan. That is the reason why these salt lamps are expensive than regular salt lamps available in the market. Avoid the gray and white salt lamps if they are available at cheap rates because they are very likely to be fake.

Salt lamps get their colors from the mineral concentrations inside them, particularly iron. Pink salt lamps contain more iron than white salt lamps. Darker shades like deep red and orange tend to have higher iron content.

These are the five most famous colors of Himalayan salt lamps:

  1. White salt lamps
  2. Gray salt lamps
  3. Red salt lamps
  4. Orange salt lamps
  5. Himalayan pink salt lamps

Other than above mentioned colors, Himalayan salt lamps are also available in different contemporary colors like blue, purple, green and many more. They all are lit by a colored bulb placed inside them.

Different Sizes of Himalayan Salt Lamps:

Size of the Himalayan salt lamp matters when it comes to purchasing a salt lamp fit to be placed in a specific environment. You must consider the size of your room while purchasing a salt lamp for it. The size of the lamps must compliment the size of the room. The bigger the size of the room, the bigger the salt lamp.

Salt lamps are available in different sizes ranging from mini to super big. Here are some estimates that represent the minimum lamp size that you should use for the corresponding room size. You can go for any size depending upon your taste and need to create the desired visual effect for your space.

The most differentiating factor of a Himalayan salt lamp is its weight. Mostly the heavier the lamp, the bigger it is in size and of course the broader its ionization characteristics.

Mini size:

3-4 lb.sq For 8 x 8 sq. Feet room.

Small size:

6-9 lb. sq For 10 x 10 Feet room.

Medium size:

9-12 lb. sq For 12 x 12 Feet room.

Large size:

12-16 lb.sq for 14 x 14 Feet room.

Extra large size:

16-21 lb.sq for 15 x 15 Feet room.

Jumbo size:

21-25 lb.sq for 16 x 16 Feet room.

Extra jumbo size:

30-45 lb.sq for 20 x 20 Feet room.

Super jumbo size:

45-60 lb.sq for 25 x 25 Feet room.

Well, instead of placing a giant-sized salt lamp in the room, place multiple small-sized lamps around the space that will give a cozier effect and will look amazing at the same time. This way the ions will also be spread in the most effective and balanced way. It is best to purchase the package that includes different sizes of lamps.