What Makes Princess-Cut Engagement Rings so Popular

Princess cut engagement rings, also called square princess cut engagement rings, have been around for nearly a century but are more popular now than ever before. Princess cut diamonds are not only gorgeous and classic, but they’re also considered by many to be the perfect cut. The popularity of princess cut engagement rings has skyrocketed in recent years. Learn more about these gorgeous rings in this article on princess cut engagement rings.

Princess-Cut Makes a Statement

Your engagement ring is one of your most cherished possessions, so it’s essential to choose a cut that says everything you want it to. Princess cut diamonds are among the most popular cuts available, and they have many reasons why. For instance, their square shape makes them good for making a big statement, but their subtle step-cut makes them incredibly versatile as well. When paired with another diamond or set in an elegant mounting, they can be beautifully understated while still making heads turn.

They also look gorgeous as solitaires—the perfect choice if you prefer something less flashy—and princess cuts also pair well with other shapes like emeralds and hearts for a truly unique look only two people could love together. Since princess cut rings are ideal for different jewelry styles, such as solitaires or stacked designs, there’s no wrong way to incorporate them into your collection!

Princess-Cut Engagement Rings Are Classic

With their narrow shape and symmetrical lines, princess cut engagement rings have long been popular with brides looking for a timeless look. Princess cut diamonds (also known as old mine cut or cushion) date back to at least 18th century London. Today, princess cuts are one of the most popular diamond shapes—often paired with traditional round diamonds in diamond eternity bands or simple solitaire necklaces.

Princess-Cut Looks Great on Your Finger

Whether you’re shopping for a princess cut engagement ring or already have one, there’s no doubt that a princess cut engagement ring looks amazing on every finger. Women love how a square-shaped face looks with a round-cut stone. No matter your facial features, a princess cut can make your look pop.

4 Reasons Why Princess Cuts Are Popular

  1. It’s different. Princess cut engagement rings are a fresh new look compared to classic solitaire and other traditional engagement ring styles.
  1. It shows off more of your stone than a round cut does. Princess cuts have unique facets that help show off your diamond and give it extra sparkle.
  1. It doesn’t hide as much of your diamond as an emerald-cut or Asscher cut would, which means you get more brilliance from your gemstone without compromising on design or style. It won’t end up looking like a partial setting like an emerald would in most instances where an emerald is combined with a pronged band (as opposed to being set into one).
  1. You can use it for side stones too!

Types of princess cuts

Round, oval, and square: Princess cuts can be found in slightly rounder and more square shapes. Princess cut rings with different shapes may have less mass, making them less popular. Square princess cuts typically range from .5 to .75 carats. In most cases, you’ll see two or three princess cuts side by side, creating a more interesting design than a single stone would provide on its own. Exquisite diamond photography will help you choose your perfect jewelry. Depending on which princess cut diamonds you choose, your ring could cost anywhere between $2,000 and $20,000 or even more.

For instance, depending on the clarity and quality of princess diamonds (the four Cs), a diamond with an E color grade could cost anywhere between $2k-$10k, while one with an H color grade could cost between $6k-$15k. If you want to know how much your ring will cost before shopping for it (especially if you’re on a budget), contact jewelry stores for prices first; don’t go into stores expecting them to quote prices based on loose stones because that’s just not how it works.


Princess cut engagement rings are undoubtedly a favorite among brides-to-be. These gorgeous gems have long been synonymous with romance, from Princess Diana’s engagement ring to Kate Middleton’s dazzling ring. Their popularity stems from their classic, traditional look and understated elegance. An heirloom in every sense of the word, princess cut diamonds have been prized for decades and will likely be loved for generations to come.