What Kind of Liability Insurance Do Painters Need?

Being a painter doesn’t mean you are off the hook when it comes to legal matters; your firm or yourself can get sued for several reasons. For instance, a client is legally allowed to sue you or your employees when they feel you are negligent on the job. You can also be sued for car accidents caused by your business vehicle. A good insurance cover can protect your assets by paying for medical bills, work-related losses and legal fees. This article discusses some of the most common painters insurance that you should consider getting. Read on to find out!

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance is one of the most critical types of painting insurance a painter should have. This policy is also known as commercial general liability (CGL) and it protects your business from another individual’s claims of associated medical costs, bodily injury and damage to property. This insurance policy can cover the costs associated with injuries caused by equipment left behind or accidental spills. When you know your business is protected from potential lawsuits from personal injury claims, you will be motivated to perform better at work and take on more projects to propel your business to success.

Having a general liability insurance is beneficial in many ways, such as lawsuits against your business being covered. This policy protects your business against the following lawsuits:

  • Bodily injury: Picture this, you are painting the interior of an elderly customer’s house, he then trips over one of your ladders and breaks his leg. Before the law, you could be liable for his medical costs. When you have liability insurance for painters, the policy will cover those costs and protect your business from potential losses. Always go for an insurance company that provides free and fast painting insurance quotes to help your business prepare ahead of such accidents.

  • Property damage: While one of your employees is painting the walls of your customer’s home, the paint accidentally spills and damages the carpet. Consequently, the home owner files a lawsuit against you for money to replace the carpet. A painter’s insurance will cover all the costs associated with damage to the property. Damaging property is a very common occurrence in the painting business, so it is very important to get the necessary liability insurance. With this, you will be able to focus on expanding your painting venture and yielding more profits instead of thinking how you will settle the lawsuits.

  • Personal Injury: Imagine this, one of your workers is having lunch and talks to the owner of the restaurant in an unflattering and false way. Later on, the client learns of this and sues your business for slander. Having an insurance cover will limit the damages caused by such lawsuits and when necessary, the insurance company can get an attorney to defend you in court.

Business Insurance

Business insurance policies allow painters to combine their coverages such as commercial real estate, general liability, tangible personal property and loss of income into a single policy. For instance, if a painter’s tools such as sprayers, brushes or ladders are stolen, a business owner policy will pay to replace the equipment as well the expenses and lost income as he waits for her business to normalize. In some cases, these insurance policies can also include coverage of things such electronic data recovery and Identity theft.

Workers’ Compensation

In the US, most state laws generally need business owners with employees to have the workers’ compensation insurance. This insurance policy protects the employers from being sued by their workers for negligence.