What is the best watch for nurses?

Watches are an essential tool in every profession. But in some specific work, it added significant value. In the medical sector, as a doctor or as a nurse, watches can be an essential item for making treatment plans or medication. Now you may have a curiosity in your mind, what is the best watch for nurses? Simple, water-resistant, easy time reading, and durable quality type watches are best for the person who works as a nurse.

Nurses have the responsibility to take care of the patients and medicate them in time. They need to be careful about timing. That’s why they need to wear a watch, which can help them to do their duty best. So let’s get started to know about how you can choose watches for a nurse.

Reason Why Nurses Wear Watches

For the medical profession, the watch is a crucial thing for daily use. Some watches are specially designed for people in the medical section. The watches help to track breathing rates, pulse rate, body temperature, and other purposes. It is vital to ensure the actual record and the tracking of the time. 

Besides, nurses always take care of the medication of patients. So a watch is a vital thing for maintaining the medicine of the patients. Sometimes they need an alarm in very critical conditions. Because they should administer the treatment at the correct time; otherwise, the situation could be out of control in some cases. For Documentation and making lab charts, nurses need to wear watches. When making a report, it is a must to follow up the accurate time. A patient’s condition is noted from time to time to observe, which can be a reason for using a watch for nurses.

Some key features of choosing watches for nurses

When it is time to choose a watch for a nurse, it must have some features to maintain. They are:

Design to fit: Your watch design may depend on you, but it should fit in your hand. The size must be not so big, or not very small. As nurses, they should wear the watch in every shift, so it should be lightweight and fit. It would be best if you did not use a watch that is too heavy or bulky.

Water-resistant: When it’s about a nurse, they expose different types of liquid every time. A nurse always uses medicine, keeps hygiene for the patient and themselves. So they wash their hands again and again with soap and other cleaning items. Besides, you will come in contact with other cleaning supplies, medications, or other fluids. It would be best if you chose a water-resistant watch.

Timer and Alarms: Timer is one of the crucial features of a nurse watch. A nurse is always concerned about patients. They need a timer to keep track of any report and alarm to maintain the accurate time of medicine for patients or follow up with them in time.

Material: The workplace of a nurse is very dirty, as it depends on which department they are working in. They need such a watch which they can easily clean and disinfect. It can help them have a germ free environment. It is not good to choose a metal wristwatch for use in any infected environment. Because disinfecting metal wrist watches will be more complicated, it is not suitable for water or other liquid. The plastic of rubber material can be cleaned easily. So, you can choose it for long-term use. Some watches have interchangeable bands with different colors. They hold their quality, and you can select them.

Easy reading display: Sometimes, nurses do not have a second to waste in a critical condition of patients. Background and numbers which have color contrast can be good. The display should be very clear and easy to read the time.

LED light: When a nurse has a duty in the night shift, some rooms have a little light for the patient’s welfare. So if the watch has an LED light, they can see it in low light if needed.

Date: A nurse always remembers dates because they should always keep a report based on date and give medicine on time. So try to choose such a watch show date.

What is the best watch for nurses?

Every person has their own choices. Most probably, the majority of nurses do not like digital watches. Rather than preferring analog watches, it seems not very interested in the latest technology. On the other hand, analog watches may help while counting or checking pulse or any specific countdown.

The two most popular uses of watches people discuss in this profession. They are a wristwatch and a pin watch. Some nurses recommend both, but it depends on their comfort level. Some are comfortable with wristwatches, and some are lapels.

Not all nurses are backdated or old-fashioned; a very few of them also have an interest in smartwatches. But smartwatches have many special features to gain popularity. Most popular feature


  • Can nurses wear smartwatches?

Ans: A smartwatch is functional and reliable, where a regular watch shows the time traditionally. Smartwatches can keep an accurate record and will help you with text or calls. You can manage schedules and save time, whether the analog watch can not do it. So a smartwatch can be more effective, time-saving, self-monitoring, and help to chart for a nurse.

  • How much should you spend on a nurse watch?

Ans: A nurse watch price can be different by its design, quality, and other features. But maintaining the quality, you can spend not so cheap, or not too much, for buying a watch for a nurse.

Final words

Try to choose what is the best watch for nurses maintaining the criteria discussed above. When time is essential to save or monitor life, we should choose the best watch to help a nurse in the very crucial moment.