What Is PCR Packaging?

If you are looking for an alternative option for packaging that can give your business an extra boost, consider PCR packaging. Short for post-consumer recycled packaging, this is a class of packaging products that can help your business be more environmentally friendly. In the modern market, this can be a significant competitive advantage.

What Is Post-Consumer Recycled Packaging?

Post-consumer recycled packaging is a type of packaging that has been manufactured using recycled materials. Specifically, they are materials that have been used in products and packages before that have then been recycled after consumption. This can include plastics, papers, aluminum and other material types.

In many cases, PCR packaging refers to plastics that have been created using previously used plastics. In many cases, all or part of the packaging can be made from previous PCR packaging (in other words, the original materials have been recycled multiple times).

This is different from regular recyclable packaging because it is not just made of recyclable material, it is already recycled. Therefore, the environmental footprint is already reduced. There are many great reasons to love this type of packaging.

What Are the Benefits for Your Brand?

The environmental benefits of PCR materials are likely somewhat obvious. However, you may be wondering why you should do it for your business (other than altruism). First, consumers want to patronize businesses that take their impact on the environment seriously. This is especially true for wealthier consumers who have a greater ability to select which brands they buy from.

Additionally, despite being made from recycled materials, PCR packaging can have the same characteristics as new material. So, if you choose recycled plastic pouches, for example, they will seal in freshness, block out oxygen and be highly durable, just like non-recycled packaging. If you are looking for coffee bean packaging, you wouldn’t have to sacrifice by choose PCR pouches.

Depending on the regulations in your jurisdiction, PCR packaging may also help you to avoid or reduce fines associated with environmental impact. In short, this can be a good way to run a greener operation and reap all the subsequent benefits.

What Can It Be Used for?

You can use PCR packaging for almost any type of paper, plastic or metal packaging. In other words, it is highly flexible. There are many types of PCR materials. All of these depend on what the material was recycled from.

As mentioned above, the performance of PCR materials tends to be comparable to new material. So, if you opt for stand-up pouches, you can rely on the durability and other characteristics such as digital printing. Therefore, if you need some QR-code packaging with colorful branding and a strong freshness seal, mylar bags could be perfect.

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Discover more about post-consumer recycled packaging today. This can be a great opportunity for taking your business’s packaging in a more environmentally friendly direction. In turn, that can mean scoring points with consumers as well as following regulations as necessary. This could be the right choice for your business going forward. Explore some of your recycled packaging options.