What is PayPal

PayPal is a secure instant online money transfer service in any country in the world that supports this service. The service has been available in our country since 2007, and the success of PayPal Romania is due to the high degree of security offered to these operations.

For South Africans, PayPal Casino is a convenient method for deposits and withdrawals from entertainment venues.

Even though other similar services have appeared on the financial market, PayPal remains a relevant service for when you transfer to or from countries where there are no other alternatives, and PayPal payment is the only service available.

In addition, the protection of personal data and the maximum security offered for transactions place this service among the most appreciated by users worldwide. For any additional information or technical problems encountered either in the process of creating an account or during the course of transactions, you can use the PayPal Romania contact service.

What services do they offer

The choice of services offered by PayPal is due to the high degree of security applicable to personal data: card data, name or address, especially in the case of online buyers. By creating a PayPal account you will have access to the most important services offered by PayPal, which are:

money transfers – either between your different personal accounts and PayPal or to another PayPal account;

receiving money – directly into your PayPal account if you are a legal entity;

-any type of online payments – for any type of purchase that accepts this type of payment.

How to open an account

Opening a PayPal account without a card is possible because the company does not transact directly via card. You can open two types of accounts: personal and business.

The personal account can be used for transferring, paying and receiving money from family or acquaintances. The personal account can also be used for online payments for purchases.

The business account is for organisations, with or without legal personality, and individuals who use PayPal mainly to receive online payments for sales or donations. For transactions on the business account the applicable fees are different.

If you are not sure which account you want to open, you can open a personal account first to get used to its functionalities and then upgrade to the business account. The actual details must match the card details to be validated, and with double confirmation by email and phone you will have a PayPal account.