What Is Gold Bullion?

Gold is one of the most precious metals on the face of the earth, and the reasons are numerous. Apart from its luster and rarity, it has many uses in different industries, including the electronics-manufacturing sector. So, it is understandable to see the price skyrocket; the demand for the metal is always there. If you are interested in buying or investing in gold, you may want to consider getting the raw material and making your own bullion.

Bullion is usually used to refer to gold or silver. It comes in the form of bars and is the type that is between 99.5% and 99.9% pure. In other words, gold bullion is almost completely free of impurities or other metals. The precious metal is not commonly seen in this form because the government typically reserves it as an asset.

Prominent investors or even the government through the central bank as a hedge against the effect of inflation on various investment portfolios. Put simply, it is used as legal tender. Mined gold goes into producing gold bullion to keep in reserve and be used for settling international debts or stimulating the economy whenever necessary. Check out this article to learn more about using bullion as protection for the economy.

Buying and Investing

If your aim is to buy or invest in bullion, there are several ways to do it and we list some of them below.

Physical Purchase or Investment

Various dealers in precious metals offer the option of buying physical bullion or getting the paper form. After the purchase, you can store the bars in a bank brokerage, at home in a safe deposit box, or in any trusted third-party firm for such purposes. Another option is to buy at a bank into a designated account. It remains safe there, even if the bank becomes bankrupt or liquidates because it belongs to you, not to the bank.

Futures Contracts

A futures contract is an agreement to sell or purchase a commodity or an asset at a price set before now, while the contract settles at a specific future date. In the case of gold, the seller must deliver the commodity to you once the contract expires.

But before then, the commodity belongs to the seller and all you have to show for the deal is a paper contract. If you, as the buyer, change your mind about owning the physical form of the commodity, both parties can agree to roll the contract forward into a new one or sell it before the date of expiration.

Exchange-Traded Funds

These funds, also known as ETFs, allow you to have access to the bullion market as an investor, even though they are not the same as owning the physical ones. They are a collection of securities while they monitor an underlying asset or index.

The asset may be a gold certificate that you can exchange at any time for the physical commodity or the equivalent in cash. The funds are one of the easiest ways to own the precious metal and have access to the market, especially if you do not have storage options at your disposal.

How to Make Gold Bullion

It is not an easy task to make gold bullion, and that is the primary reason the complex process is best left to the trained professionals. However, you may be one who is well-versed in complicated processes, and you do not mind the risks that come with this process. In that light, it may be easy for you to handle.

One of the easiest ways to make bullion is to get a gold ingot mold. If you already have the metal in its raw form, the mold allows you to dissolve it in your house and pour the liquid metal into other molds to form the bullion shape. You need goggles and gloves to protect your eyes and hands throughout the process. Liquid gold gets as hot as almost 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, so tread with caution.

Melting the metal needs careful attention and you need special tools to do it. But once done and it sets in the mold, which may take some time due to the high temperature, you can always have a dealer test and buy it from you. Alternatively, store it until a time when the market price is right (Click here: https://www.kingoldjewelry.com/bullion-star-review-scam-report/ to see some storage options). Note that you can quickly cool the metal while in the mold by dipping it into cold water.

Other Methods of Making Gold Bullion

There are methods of making bullion more complex than the ingot mold method. The most crucial part of making it is to remove base metals and leave the gold as pure as possible. Only then are you likely to get good money in exchange for the bullion. Some of the methods to extract base metals from the precious metals are treatment with acid, roasting and fusion, and direct fusion.

Selling Bullion

It may be a bit of a challenge to find anyone willing to buy gold bars. Storage is not the only costly part of owning bullion; its liquidity is pretty low. Consequently, you may be stuck with it for a long time unless you contact a bank, company, or dealer willing to trade after testing the commodity’s purity.

It is an entirely different story if you have it in other forms such as jewelry, coins, or other pieces. These are usually smaller and easier to handle and store. However, their gold content is typically lower because other metals are mixed to strengthen it and get the shapes. Therefore, their value drops and you may get less than you initially paid for them.


Gold is one of the most investment-worthy commodities you can find, especially if you get bullion. The reason is that it is usually the purest form of the precious metal available, sometimes being as pure as 99.9%. There are a few ways to buy or invest in it, but if you get the physical form, storage may be difficult. It may be best to get paper contracts with the equivalent value or leave the commodity in the buyer’s keep until you need it.