What is employee monitoring? How does it help your business?

Employee monitoring is one of the easiest ways to help boost workplace productivity in the workplace. Ethically implemented, these systems increase performance, hours worked, and punctuality. These factors account for a healthy working atmosphere and added profitability for your business.

Doing so requires more than a cursory look into privacy issues. And that is why a wrong implementation of such a tool may result in privacy issues, lower morale, or worse, expensive legal complications. Technology leveraged to monitor your workforce must follow basic ethics and privacy standards.

Whether employee monitoring is worth the effort or not is a careful consideration for you to make. However, knowing is half the win and this article will help you alleviate your concerns about employee monitoring.

Is Employee Monitoring Worth it?

There are advantages to the practice. After all, it does keep things fair.

Managing a workforce entails its own set of challenges. Some of them include:

  • When do employees start working on the assigned task?
  • Whether they’re even working on the said task (or browsing Reddit).
  • How much time was spent “working” on the task? Verification is not easy.

Now add another factor into the mix: remote work. That is a managerial nightmare if not handled properly.

94% of organizations deploy some method of monitoring users (compared to 42% the previous year) and 93% monitor access to sensitive data.

There is the employee side of it too: How to explain the time it took to complete a project. Filling out task sheets simply does not cut for complex projects.

Luckily employee monitoring software can assist us. A reliable employee monitoring tool can help us with:

  • Employee clock-in time
  • Projects worked on
  • Time they took to complete a task
  • Applications and websites consulted to complete those projects

Monitoring tools benefit employees as well. Employers can reference their tools and verify an employees’ effort in an instant. No more explanation is required from the employees.

Is Productivity Tracking Possible with Monitoring Tools?

Productivity Tracking Possible with Monitoring Tools

It is! These tools help you track productivity.

After all, you can never know how productive your teams are if you cannot effectively gauge their productivity. Unfortunately, most businesses don’t have an employee monitoring system integrated into their workflow. This leaves them with hit-and-trial and plain guessing to know the effectiveness of their employees. As a result, you’re prone to losing a lot of money and no real way to plug in the losses.

These tools allow you to glean insights that identify potential weaknesses and help you work on improvements. And if implemented correctly, employees get access to their stats and help them self-correct. It’s a win-win.

Whether you have remote employees or not is a moot point. Investing in such a solution will always help you:

  • Cut unnecessary costs
  • Identify weak links
  • Improve productivity in your work culture

Ideal company culture should define what online activities are allowed during work hours. This can be enforced by firewalls that block specific apps and websites.

However, the situation becomes sticky when it comes to remote employees. A network-based solution will not work on a remote employee, especially when they’re not using a company-issued computer.

It all comes down to differentiating the following:

  • How do you ensure that your employees only access unproductive sites and apps during their free time?
  • How do you guarantee that they’ll only work on work-related apps when they’re working?

The answer is simple: by investing in an employee surveillance system.

With the help of such a system, you can see which apps and websites your employees are using when they’ve clocked in on the company time. And if you find that they’re accessing sites they shouldn’t be during work hours, you can intervene.

With the ability to monitor your employees’ usage, you can easily enforce what is right and appropriate.

Research shows that businesses lose $178 million worth of productivity due to internet misuse every year. 37% of employees say they surf the web “constantly” while at work.

Now we know that employee monitoring is the way to go, the next big question is: What product best fits the need?

Here is what XNSPY comes in. Hailed as the industry’s leading spyware solution, XNSPY is the preferred tool of choice.

But why XNSPY?

XNSPY has a comprehensive monitoring suite when it comes to employee surveillance. It provides tons of services, at a lesser cost than its market competition. Don’t believe us, have a look at it yourself:


  • Monitor Messages & Calls

XNSPY informs you who your employees are talking to via texts or calls. You can view call logs, view SMS, and keep certain contacts on a watch list.

  • Access Instant Messenger Chats and Multimedia

XNSPY has powerful instant messaging monitoring features. You can read instant messages and even view media on IM apps. These apps include Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Instagram, Kik, Tinder, Skype, and Line.

  • Track GPS Location

You can track the location of your out-bound employees in real-time or learn how your employees like to spend their lunch breaks. The app offers fast-tracking with almost 100% results.

  • Get to-the-point Reports

While your employees may do more than a thousand actionable tasks a day, combing through enormous phone data is a cumbersome task. With XNSPY, all of this will be changed because of to-the-point reports which collect only important data, so you know what to do when you want to. This also includes top 5 callers, top 5 call durations, top 10 frequently visited websites, and call-time activity chart.

  • Read Emails and Monitor Online Activities

This app makes it easier to track the online habits of employees. You can read sent or received emails and inspect browsing history without letting anyone know. Popular features include checking sent and received emails, monitoring bookmarks, alerts on specific words, and Wi-Fi network logs.


  • Record Phone Calls and Surroundings

XNSPY powerful monitoring allows you to record all calls (incoming or outgoing). It can also capture ambient sound from the surroundings.

  • View Photos, Videos & Calendar Entries

The app allows you to access photos, videos, and calendar entries. These can be stored on any of the monitored devices. You can also keep a watch on your employee’s to-do list.

  • Remotely Control Target Phone/Tablet

Stay ahead in the game with XNSPY by using tons of remote device monitoring features. Smartphone monitoring has never been easier. You can remotely lock the phone (or tablet), remotely wipe data, view installed apps list, block apps, deploy keylogging, take screenshots, or send a multitude of commands remotely.

  • Instant Alerts — 24/7

XNSPY’s instant alert features mean you are notified immediately of extraordinary unusual behavior. It also helps sift the more urgent activity from the normal one. You can get alerts on specific contacts, specific words, specific locations, or if the SIM card changes.

Monitoring all these aspects of employee productivity is useless if you cannot make sense of it.

Think about it.

Lucky for you, XNSPY employee monitoring app is here to save the day. Its dashboard allows you to have an eagle’s eye view of individuals and productivity stats. Monitoring has never been easier.