What is 5G? Benefits and Concerns

When searching for the best internet deals in Australia, 5G has certainly caught our eye.

We can’t deny that the thought of having access to internet of the highest speed – and without ever having to worry about the strength of our connection – is very enticing.

Let’s face it, 5G is a new technology that has revolutionised the way we interact with the world.

But before opting for it blindly, we have to consider both its pros and cons.  Here are some of the mains you need to know in advance.

The Pros of Using 5G

One of the biggest pull factors of 5G is the ability it gives customers to download movies, shows and games much faster than ever before. That means- no more lag or buffering – ever!!

Having a consistent connection no matter where you are in your home is priceless.  So don’t ever worry again about having to shuffle around to find the right spot when you’re trying to stream your favourite TV show.

Another key benefit is that there is an easy installation process, which makes it very simple to set up. If you think installing 5G sounds complicated, you needn’t worry! You’ll be online chatting away on Zoom with your friends and family in no time. Without any delays.

…And Now the Cons

If you’re looking for the best internet deals in Australia, and cost is your main concern, then you should know 5G is more expensive than the other internet connection types.

Therefore you need to be prepared to pay more to benefit from a faster connection.

, You will also need to upgrade your router and buy a 5G-enabled handset.

But that’s not all – you also need a 5G plan and to live in an area that is covered by 5G.

Benefits of the New Service

The advantages of this next-generation technology are many. First, it offers much faster speeds than the current wireless internet services available today. So you can download and upload faster on-the-go.

Second, you can download movies or other large files in just a few seconds rather than minutes with previous technology.

Third, 5G enables the connection of more devices to the network than before. It also improves communication between devices, a crucial factor in the Internet of Things (IoT).

Fourth, you can now enjoy seamless streaming of videos and movies, including real-time gaming.

Fifth, 5G has more capacity. This means more connections, reduced buffering, and the elimination of network congestion at peak hours.

5G Coverage in Australia

The 5G rollout in Australia is spreading fast and now covers many cities, suburbs and regional and rural areas.

Notably, Telstra has made a significant milestone in its rollout campaign and now covers over 75% of Australia.

Optus 5G coverage comes next while Vodafone is currently.

But some areas might wait longer before they are under 5G signals.

Is it able to replace NBN?

In a short time, it can’t. This is because NBN is cheaper and offers unlimited internet connection and higher caps.

On the other hand, it will eventually be the choice for home broadband and mobile internet.

With 5G’s faster speeds and connectivity, many of our everyday tasks have become more convenient than ever before.

Video streaming services are quicker and easier to access without buffering issues or delays during live events. Previously, it took hours to complete a task; now it takes minutes with just one tap of a button.

So, for the best internet deals in Australia, there are many reasons to go 5G.