What English courses are there in Australia?

Would you like to study an English course in Australia? If the answer is yes, but you don’t know what type of course is the most suitable for you, don’t worry! There are English courses for all kinds of needs. Australia is the perfect country to learn English and live your adventure. The school you choose will depend on the city you go to, but almost all schools offer the same services.

One of the main advantages of moving to Australia to learn English is that your immersion in the language will be complete. You will not have another option to communicate! Also, Australians are very used to other accents and they won’t have a problem understanding you. We assure you that in less than 6 months you will notice an incredible difference in your level of English.

Believe it or not, there is a wide variety of English courses that you can study in Australia. The only thing you need to know when choosing the course you want to study are your needs, both personal and professional. If you want to learn English, improve your level or get an official certificate in English, Australia is a destination that will allow you complete linguistic immersion, since it is not the same to study English from home as it is in a country where the official language is English. English. So you will have to make an effort to speak this language in your day to day, not only in class.

General English courses in Australia

General English courses in Australia are the best option if you want to learn English from scratch or improve your level. They are usually basic courses, where you can establish your bases with the language and improve little by little.

General English courses offer various levels, beginner, intermediate or advanced. Depending on your fluency with the language when you start the classes, they will put you in one level or another. Little by little, you will be able to level up and gain more confidence with English. If you have an intermediate or advanced level, studying a general English course in Australia will be very useful for you to reinforce your English and improve your level, in case you later want to get an official certificate or attend an official exam preparation course.

How long are these courses? Normally, these courses are counted by weeks of study. Depending on your level, we recommend a longer or shorter duration. To apply for a student visa, the minimum duration of a General English course must be 12 weeks and can last up to one year.

Intensive English courses in Australia

Intensive courses are usually shorter in duration than general courses but just as efficient. If you want to take advantage of your time and learn as quickly as possible, this type of course is for you.

These courses are called ELICOS Courses (English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students). They are delivered at over 200 centers in Australia and are overseen by the Australian Government. In addition, you can enroll whether you have a student or tourist visa. Although remember that with the tourist visa you will not be able to work, so if you want to work while you study, the best option is to apply for a student visa.

The best thing about this type of course? They usually last between 2 weeks and three months and you can start taking them whenever you want! They are very customizable.

English courses for official exams

In Australia you can also get official English titles. These titles are very useful and attractive for your CV and will also help you set goals in terms of your level of English. You can do all the most famous modalities such as IELTS, TOEFL or Cambridge exams.

As they are official titles, they are recognized anywhere in the world, which ensures that wherever you go (Australia or another Anglo-Saxon country), you have an official certificate that accredits your level in the language. However, there are differences between the official exams, depending on what you need it for, it will be better to take one or the other.

On the other hand, you can give English classes to people with a lower level than yours. For example, if you have C1 from Cambridge, you have sufficient qualifications to teach English at all levels below your own.