What College Students Need to Know About Renters Insurance in California

California, a state in the western part of the United States, is the third-largest state in the country with a total area of almost 164,000 square miles. Known as the Land of Milk and Honey, the state boasts of a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of nearly $3 trillion, a diverse population, and world-renowned entertainment institutions. 

Apart from housing four of the top ten largest companies globally, California is also home to almost 300 colleges and universities, including some of the most distinguished educational institutions globally, like Stanford University and the University of Southern California. As such, millions of college students, not only from the U.S. but across the globe, flock the state and reside in various dormitories and off-campus apartments.

If you are one of the many students who are leaving home and moving to the Golden State to attend college, it is time to think about California renters insurance. While the state does not necessarily mandate this type of insurance plan, you will be better off having one, especially if you have numerous personal effects, such as laptops, electronics, furniture, etc. To help you learn more about renter insurance, consider the discussion points below:

Why Should You Consider Getting Renters Insurance?

Before you dismiss the idea of buying renters insurance, consider the following benefits of having one:

  • Protection of Personal Property

Whether you plan on living in the dorm or renting an apartment, you should understand that you are solely responsible for protecting your belongings. When any of your valuables get stolen, your landlord is not obligated to recover your loss. 

Note that over 940,000 property crimes had been reported in California in the year 2018 alone. From this figure, almost 800,000 of these cases are thefts and burglaries. Why take a risk when you can apply for renters insurance and protect the value of your possessions, not only from property crimes but from damage caused by certain natural disasters as well.

  • Protection from Liability

Perhaps you enjoy hosting parties or organizing student activities in your place. Sadly, when energetic college kids gather, it is not long before an accident happens. And if any of your guests suffer from injuries in your place, the victim can sue you for legal damages. While you cannot completely prevent any untoward incident, you can at least protect yourself from paying out of pocket if you are found responsible for the injury when you have renters insurance. 

  • Provision for Additional Living Expense

Your landlord may start repair works or renovations in your building for whatever reason wherein you need to find a temporary place to stay. When you have renters insurance, you do not have to worry about shelling out additional dollars for hotel fees, meal costs, and other incidental expenses since this type of insurance deals with such expenditures. 

How Can You Find the Best Insurance Policy for Your Needs?

To get the best out of your renters insurance, you need to find the best policy available. Below are tips that you may want to consider:

  • Ask referrals from trusted friends or family members.
  • Ask your college or university if they have a partner insurance company that offers excellent benefits and discounts.
  • Do your research on insurance providers by checking online reviews or getting recommendations from reputable insurance review platforms. 

Given the discussion above, it is clear that even college students like you should seriously consider getting California renters insurance to protect you from losses. College can be stressful and challenging, given the demands of schoolwork and adjusting to a new environment. Ease your worries by getting this insurance coverage so that you do not have to feel anxious about your things whenever you are outside.