What are the Effects of CBD Oil with No THC?

You may wonder just how potent CBD oil is without THC (the psychoactive cannabidiol that gives marijuana users their high). First, CBD oil with THC will not produce a “high.”

While CBD with THC does indeed have an entourage effect, which allows the user to experience all the healing properties in the plant, a more refined version (one without flavonoids, cannabidiols, and terpenes) also works with a less pronounced impact.

Therefore, you can still take a broad spectrum product (with a trace THC) or an Isolate (with pure CBD) and it will work for you. In fact, the product with no THC may be preferred in some instances, especially if you take CBD regularly, whether you ingest it under the tongue or you use it in your bath as a salt.

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When You May Prefer a No THC CBD Oil

If you suffer from arthritis pain, you may want to use CBD more often. Naturally, you cannot do this if the product contains THC, as it is a bit more potent. In this case, you would opt to use a no THC CBD oil as it would get rid you of inflammatory pain for a shorter period but would nevertheless be effective.

Also, if you have problems sleeping, CBD oil that contains no THC can support your needs better without the extra psychoactive component. In this case, an oil with no THC will help you sleep soundly through the night, calming you and de-stressing you without disruption.

A Quick Response Time

The oil that you use, as noted, is taken under the tongue, so it enters your bloodstream rapidly. Therefore, this form of ingestion bypasses the digestive process. So, even if you take the oil without THC, you will experience pain reduction and fewer episodes of discomfort. Plus, you can modify your doses accordingly, taking the oil more frequently, which allows you to customize what you intake.

How Are You Using the Oil?

Before you buy CBD oil, you’ll need to determine how you will take it and your purpose for using it. If you plan to use the oil to reduce the arthritic pain due to inflammation, one-half of a dropper should suffice. Take this small dropper of oil in the morning before you have coffee or breakfast.

Taking CBD Oil for Sleeping

If you need to use the oil to sleep at night, take a half-dropper of oil about 30 minutes before you go to bed.

A “Wonder Medicine”

CBD is a “wonder medicine.” All types of CBD–isolates, broad spectrum, and full spectrum–are made the same. Some are distilled longer to remove the THC and other cannabidiols, terpenes, and flavonoids.  So, you can take the oil in all its forms and receive satisfactory results.

One Final Note about Taking CBD without THC

If you are new to using CBD, experts recommend that you use the oil without THC. Anything stronger may be a little too much – to begin. Again, you can modify the dosing and how often you take the oil when it lacks the THC. If you must submit to drug testing at work or you have not taken CBD previously, you should try the oil without THC first.