What are the causes of Corruption in an ACCDB File?

Data corruption in MS Access is quite common. So, let’s talk about the reasons behind that, and how to perform an ACCDB repair in case of corruption.

If you want to avoid ACCDB repair issues, then you must know the causes of data corruption.

What is MS Access Database?

First of all, let’s discuss what MS Access software exactly is.

Microsoft Access is a tool that can help with data management. It can store large amounts of information for reporting and examining.

It will manage huge amounts of data better than MS Excel.

Causes of Corruption in an ACCDB File

Let’s discuss each reason in detail so that you know how to avoid them.

1. Hardware Failure

This is the most common cause of corruption that needs ACCDB repair. If your hardware is not suitable for this application, the system will crash.

To avoid such an issue, make sure that your hardware has sufficient storage capacity as well as a good network connection.

2. Software Failure

Another common culprit behind the corruption of ACCDB Files is software failure. This can happen due to incorrect file system recovery.

To prevent this, you should free up RAM by closing other programs that are open while you are using MS Access. If that doesn’t work, try restarting your computer. You can also try to reboot the program.

3. Inefficient Database Design

If there is an issue with the coding of the database, it will translate into an inefficient structure of the database. This could lead to database corruption and you will have to do ACCDB repair.

4. Virus Attack

Virus attacks are another prominent reason behind corrupted databases. Malware or malicious users can deliberately harm an organization by corrupting the database.

If this is the case, the data might be completely irrecoverable. So, this is the hardest issue in ACCDB file repair. To prevent such malware issues, make sure that you have an updated antivirus software. Keep your firewall active at all times so that the system is safe.  Be sure to check out bitdefender antivirus as a great option.

5. Accidental System Shutdown

This is the most irritating cause of database corruption. It may happen due to power failure or system overload.

The worst thing about the accidental system shutdown is that they are sudden and you cannot control them.

ACCDB File Repair

There are many different options that you can use for ACCDB repair.

(i) Compact and Repair Database Tool in Access

This tool is built-in within Access. It will help you in repairing databases that get corrupted due to any of the above reasons.

(ii) et Compact Utility

Microsoft Access users can also use the separate Microsoft Jet Compact Utility (Jetcomp). It is similar to the built-in Compact and Repair tool in Access as it also compacts the database. Learn more about hoe to download Jet Compact Utility here.

However, Jetcomp won’t help much if the Compact and Repair tool does not help.

(iii) Datanumen.com

Datanumen.com also has some tools that can help for ACCDB repair. Choose a file to select the corrupted database and click Secure Upload and Repair button to fix it.

We hope that this article helped you in exploring the common reasons and solutions for ACCDB repair.