What Are the Best Energy Drinks of 2021?

Energy drinks are a kind of energy pick-me-ups. With a large number of people drinking energy drinks to power through the day, energy drinks have become somewhat of a staple, much like tea and coffee.

So it comes as no surprise that the energy drink industry is scaling new heights every day with more and more innovative drinks reaching the market. It has quickly elevated itself to the status of a multi-million-dollar industry and continues to grow steadily.

With great benefits and options comes an even greater process of selection. And this is where one needs to be really careful.

Making an Informed Choice

Energy drinks are pretty popular. No longer limited to soda-concentrated drinks, there are healthier alternatives available like green tea and turmeric tea. There is a choice to be made between commercial and healthy energy drinks but that’s easier said than done.

We’re humans. In a world that constantly has us on our toes, we look for the smallest of conveniences to make our lives the tiniest bit easier. Even when choosing an energy drink, the one thing we can rely on is taste. Energy drinks all taste different and can often be a hit or miss.

When you’re feeling low, have little to no energy, and an insane amount of workload to push through, you cannot afford to play with those weak odds.

Thankfully, there are some top-quality energy drinks that are bound to save you from that disappointing trip your taste buds go through every time you experiment with new flavors and types of energy drinks.

Best Energy Drinks of 2021

So far, 2021 has been a year of experiments and a year of making informed choices. Energy drinks are no exception. All energy drinks available in the market today come with a range of ingredients. Some contain sugar and other additives while some do not. The choice, in the end, needs to align with what you want that can of energy drink to do for you.

After some dedicated research and experimentation, here are some of the best energy drinks of 2021.

Gatorade Zero Sugar Thirst Quencher

Gatorade is the holy grail for people who are into fitness. It entered the game pretty early on and has been greatly increasing its outreach since then.

Gatorade provides an insane amount of hydration while having no sugar in it. Its maxim is — Put in what you take out. Gatorade also contains electrolytes that help in recovering energy levels.

Proper Wild’s Clean Energy Shots

Proper Wild is truly a legend. By opting for manufacturing sugar-free drinks, a lot of companies have to compromise with taste. Proper Wild refuses to do that.

So how does it get that delicious flavor if not from sugar and artificial sweeteners? Real fruit juice. This is how you keep it natural!

Their ingredients include clean components and compounds. Offering a range of flavors, each as delicious as the next, Proper Wild’s Clean Energy Shots provide a burst of energy throughout the day.

Monster Energy Drink-Zero Ultra

Monster is a renowned energy drink brand that is mainly famous for its association with sports. The Zero Ultra has 0 sugar and 10 calories per can.

Monster comes in a range of flavors, so if the sparkling, citrus flavor is not for you, then you can opt for other variations that contain fruit juice and sugar and provide an elevated taste.

Celsius Raspberry Acai Green Tea Fitness Drink

We can all agree on the many benefits of green tea. The Celsius Raspberry Acai Green Tea Fitness Drink packs 10 calories. That’s right, a measly 10. How great is that?

With no sugar or other preservatives, it has 100% multiple vitamins along with 200 mg of caffeine. Now that’s what we call healthy!

The End Line

Energy drinks can prove to be a much healthier alternative to coffee. As long as you do your research and steer clear of the excessive sugar and artificial sweeteners, these drinks will only add to your healthy lifestyle.

A lot of energy drinks contain ingredients that help improve focus, concentration, and memory. Look for energy drinks that contain natural flavors and sweeteners and you’re all set to conquer your day!