What Are Some Tobacco Alternatives if You Miss Smoking?

If you’re trying to stop smoking, there are many different tobacco alternatives out there for you to try. As tobacco can cause damage to the body in more ways than one, it’s a good idea to move on to something else when you begin to feel the need to quit. With as much gusto as possible, try something else to replace your cigarette habit in order to keep your body damage-free.

CBD or Hemp Cigarettes

CBD and hemp products are all the rage these days. CBD can help your body with many different ailments, including arthritis pain, inflammation, anxiety, insomnia, and more. CBD is a great drug for those looking for relief associated with minor ailments. When smoked in wraps, it offers the same effect.

Hemp products offer similar benefits on a smaller scale. Both are great ways to make your body think that you’re smoking a cigarette when you’re really not. Instead, you’re smoking something that benefits your body. However, the smoke may still have a negative effect on the lungs, but it’s not as great.

Nicotine Vaping

Vaping is a great alternative if you’re trying to quit smoking, as vaping allows you to keep ingesting nicotine, weaning yourself off of it slowly to make any withdrawal symptoms you have less apparent. The damage associated with vaping is widely unknown, so make sure you arm yourself with that information before you start. Vaping can also be highly addictive because of the nicotine, so it may be hard to quit, just like cigarettes.

Herbal Vaping

If you’re trying to quit nicotine too, herbal vaping is a great choice. You can vape CBD as well as essential oils, or even just flavored vape juice that has no benefits. Vaping CBD will give you the same effect as smoking a CBD cigarette would.

There are also many different companies that sell vapes infused with essential oils for the purpose of relieving headaches, stress, and insomnia, depending on the scent.

The great part about herbal vaping is the absence of both nicotine and tobacco, so it’s a much cleaner experience. However, you do still put yourself at risk by using a vape, although at what extent, we don’t really know.

Other Forms of Tobacco

If your main objective is to stop smoking, you may want to switch to an alternative way of ingesting tobacco, such as using chew, dip, or snuff. While these methods aren’t much healthier, they can prevent lung damage that comes on from smoking cigarettes. Most pure forms of tobacco are much less dangerous, as cigarettes contain a ton of dangerous additives.

Other Forms of Nicotine

If you’re looking to cut out tobacco but not nicotine, there are many options for you. Cutting nicotine cold-turkey is really difficult, but there are lots of methods that can help you, including:

  • Gum
  • Inhalers
  • Lozenges
  • Patches
  • Nasal sprays
  • Medications
  • And more

When attempting to cut the nicotine out of your life, you should slowly decrease your intake over weeks or even months to ensure you don’t experience any of the annoying withdrawal symptoms. Unfortunately, cutting out nicotine is really hard, and can take a long time.

Switching Away from Cigarettes

Cigarettes are dangerous, and the decision to switch to something less harmful is a great one. Whether you’re hoping to try CBD varieties, vaping, herbal options, or something else entirely, we hope that you’re able to kick that cigarette addiction for good.

If you find yourself going back to cigarettes over and over again, you may want to try an alternative form of nicotine to help you kick your cravings once and for all.