What are Hollywood celebrities doing to get more Instagram likes?

We have stepped on to 2021, and almost everything is changing! However, one thing hasn’t changed so far. It’s people’s Instagram status, which is one of the most influential things in the app. And that applies mainly to Hollywood celebrities. Whether they have a loyal fan base or a compelling feed, the Hollywood celebrities with more Instagram followings reveal a lot about the present state of pop culture. Once you delve into their feeds, you can learn a lot about their lives and other aspects.

Today, several people want to mimic the profile and status of Hollywood celebrities. One of the sure-shot ways to do that is by increasing your Instagram likes. Getting organic likes is essential, and it takes time. Though you should try for organic likes, you can also buy Instagram likes to add your existing social media likes and follower counts. Today, some companies enable you to buy real Instagram likes and pay for the same affordably. You can buy as many likes as you want, and it seems that your like count is adding up gradually.

However, coming back to the Hollywood celebrities, there are many ways to use Instagram to increase their likes and follower count. It is interesting to note what many celebrities are doing on Instagram. Discussed below is a list of famous Hollywood celebrity Instagram profiles and how they use them to attract more social mileage.

1. Kendall Jenner, 156 million followers

Kendal Jenner is famous for modeling, tequila making, making new friends, and sharing about family.

On Instagram, she is famous for her glamorous life. Similar to her popular sisters, her posts on Instagram are filled with aspiration. You can find her sharing about celeb hangouts, model shots, and private jets. Kendall has a curated approach towards her image sharing on social media. She showcases her creative eye makeup and designer apparel, and you can also find her artistic, candid shots, high-fashion shots, and tongue-in-cheek selfies.

2. Justin Bieber, 168 million followers

Justin Bieber is famous for dancing, singing, and sharing things like a mischievous teen. He is also known for his big husband’s energy.

When it comes to Instagram, Bieber is entirely himself without any filters! His Instagram feed is a blend of him recording for his music in the studio and similar activities. You will also get glimpses of his Hailey Bieber and their married life. He also shares some “stream of consciousness” words on spirituality and many selfies, and he is genuine and takes a self-confident approach to social media. It is a refreshing profile and can inspire many.

3. Beyonce, 170 million followers

Beyonce is known for Hollywood news, fashion, reinventing music, girl groups, and pop culture.

On Instagram, Beyonce is known for her diva-like status and fashion! However, this celeb is private, and you might not get to see a lot about her personal life through the Instagram feed. But what you get a glimpse of is her stunning looks and fashion details. If you want to take inspiration in fashion, this is one profile that you should follow.

 4. Kim Kardashian, 211 million followers

Kim Kardashian is known for her makeup skills, controversial yet stunning selfies, business, and reality TV.

On Instagram, Kim is making news almost every day! There are headline-making posts, and there are also makeup videos. She shares some of the best pictures with her family and sisters as well.

 5. Selena Gomez, 218 million followers

Selena Gomez is famous for acting, producing, and singing. She also speaks volumes about making the world a better place and issues related to mental health.

Selena Gomez has been one of the most active Instagrammers lately! Many of her social media posts have been about the advertisements that she did for brands like Puma and Coach. Selena makes beautiful and interesting social media posts about ads that would make you click on the same and “like” it as well. She also shares her “Rare Beauty” line launch and provides easy tutorials that people can watch and follow.

6. Kylie Jenner, 222 million followers

Kylie Jenner is famous for selling lip kits and running an empire. She also shares about “Keeping up with the Kardashians.”

On Instagram, Kylie Jenner looks stunning as well. The social media feed is all about her classic lifestyle. You will get to see glimpses of pools, mansions, private jets, and the like. Kylie’s Instagram feed can get best described as an “escapist fantasy” that would make your day if you have a drab one.

7. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, 225 million followers

The Rock, as everyone popularly calls him, was previously known for wrestling! He is known for his acting, eyebrow arching, and flexing his abs and all the muscle. He is one of the most likable celebrities who is known for his talent and humility.

When it comes to Instagram, only two words define him, that is, “Gym pictures.” He got the name of “The Rock” for a reason. His muscles are hard as a rock, and his body is in an entirely chiseled form. The Rock always keeps his followers updated about his workout routine. Hence, if you are into fitness and want to incorporate a fit lifestyle, you can follow him. There is another attraction to his profile. The Rock posts many selfie videos, which also shows an adorable person who resides within this tough form of muscles.

8. Ariana Grande, 228 million followers

Ariana Grande is known for acting and singing. At times she is also known for her whirlwind romancing.

When it comes to Instagram, Ariana is known for her artistic vibes and artsy posts. You will find ample black and white images along with a set of vintage frame images. She is one of the champions of posting promotional pictures, concerts, campaign images, and music video shoots. However, all the posts are organic and attract her followers all the way.

Instagram has become the abode of famous Hollywood celebrities. Each has their distinct style to use the social media platform to connect with their fans and followers.