What are Casino Comps and How You Receive Them

Free stuff can always attract customers, whether it be a free taste from food stalls, to freebies from products like free socks, pouches, etc. Casinos want to make a profit and, at the same time, keep players from leaving.

Called “comps,” short for “complimentary,” this offer is a strategic way of making customers spend more by giving them free money. A bait, perhaps, but it works for brick-and-mortar and online casinos like OKBET and is also advantageous to the recipients.

Here, we talk about different comps, how to receive them, and their advantages.

How to get them

Complimentary things like free accommodation, double promotions, and more are decisions made by the establishment and your loyal patronage.For instance, you have been to Las Vegas and gambled in one of the casinos.

After spending one night at the gambling house, you will receive a free one-night stay at their hotel. This is what you call a casino comp, an offer of a free stay in hopes that you, as a customer, will return to their casino and gamble.

Comps can also be acquired by playing casino games. Sort of a rewards system, casinos monitor their patrons’ gambling activities and evaluate the things they can give to them for free.

For example, after reaching a certain point, a casino will give the player a free spa or free all-you-can-eat dinner. Sometimes, these loyal customers are treated with free casino play, where they play a casino game without using their money.

The best way of receiving these complimentary is by signing up for a player’s card. Also, through your personal information listed on the card, casinos can come up with the perfect comp package for you.

Another way of getting them is by asking. Resort representatives and even pit bosses are allowed to give out free meal vouchers to customers. At times, they can also grant a player free tickets to a show. However, this is not a guaranteed way of getting comps. If you are unfortunate, they will tell you “no” or ask you to seek someone to help you.

Types of Comps

Free Offers

This is the most common type of comp. It is usually given to new players who registered for a player card. Free offers can range from free rooms and meals to casino credit.

Online casinos like okbetcasino.live offer new bettors free casino credit once they pass the verification process. Its goal is to ensure the new player will visit the casino again.

Sometimes, casinos can go the extra mile, like offering customers a free three-night stay, or a couple of free meals.


If you are a frequent casino goer, the best way to get comps is through a player’s reward card. This is the simplest way of getting free casino stuff because the more you play, the more you earn points.

Once you reach certain amounts, you will receive attractive and valuable comps.

Advantages of Comps

As a player, you can play casino games for free, stay at their hotels for free, and even have free meals or free entertainment tickets.

For casinos, it is also a benefit for they can retain customers through the various comps they give out.

It is a win-win situation for both players and casinos. The establishment can keep customers playing longer, and the bettors enjoy additional things, even if they win or lose.