What and What not to do when starting your online Casinos Endeavours

In today’s article, we are gonna go through some tips and tricks to get you started with your online gaming endeavours. We will also go in-depth on major mistakes to avoid when just getting started in the deep ocean that is online gaming.  With that being said, let’s jump straight into it.

Remember to check for bonuses!

Many and I mean many of us, get overly excited to jump right in. A huge variety of online casinos offer a welcome bonus! Successful gamblers all have the same approach and mindset when it comes to wagering, and that’s to view it as a kind of high-risk investment. That being said, the more capital you can gain the better! Online casinos usually offer a much higher welcome bonus over their land-based casinos’ relatives. This is usually because Online Casinos have more overhead to play with.

Let’s glimpse over some Bonus facts to look into, so you can utilise these bonuses for your benefit! Let’s talk bonus rate, most bonuses come in the form of a percentage on top of the initial deposit. For example, if you put in a 100 X(X being whatever currency) and the welcome bonus is 200% you will get 200X from your initial 100X deposit. You can include this in your strategy for the ultimate combination.

Check the limit size, The higher the limit size the higher amount you can get out of the welcome bonus. These usually have a max limit. Last but not least, the RollOver Requirement, this is the big factor for welcoming bonuses, highly underrated the rollover requirement determines how much you will need to gamble before actually earning the bonuses!

So Bonuses are not exactly the freebie you were looking for, and some are better balanced than others.

Don’t Choose your Online Casino Foolishly

One of the biggest mistakes we see many new beginners make. Don’t rush into choosing the right Online Casino for you. The internet is a huge place, and just like when picking the right car, it is never ideal to just buy the first car you come across, and in this case when it comes to choosing a good betting site you wouldn’t want to just hop into the first one you see headfirst. You can’t really know what you’re missing or if it functions the way it should. One can easily differ between many online casinos reviewed and ranked by sportslens.com, who after extensive research have come to a solid conclusion on which casinos are the most ideal. We recommend you follow these basic tips when looking for the right Online Casino for you. Make sure they offer a smooth and technical glitch-free experience. Multiple deposit options as well as fast payouts. Check some reviews!!! See what other people’s experiences have been like. Do be sure they have solid customer service, there is nothing more frustrating than running into a problem and having no support, especially when we are talking about your hard-earned funds!

Creating a Strategy

Creating a strategy is not the easiest task possible, but then again it is a crucial part of what can keep you from losing all your funds. Okay perhaps you just want to hit the slot machines, in this case, it’s very hard to create a strategy as whatever changes you make cannot really alter the outcome. On the other hand, let’s look at poker, at first glance many think it’s just a game of luck. The beauty of poker is that although you’re still trying your luck there are a number of strategies you can apply to increase your chances of winning! Of course, you can blindly enter into a game of poker without any strategy and have success or as many would call beginners luck. Luck is temporary but the strategy is long term!

Don’t Dive Right In

If you’re just starting, it would be a wise decision to first learn some basics to the game you choose to wager at, be it poker, roulette, slots or any other game for that matter without the know-how of how the game works. You don’t need to completely master your game of choice but having a good understanding is definitely a step forward to making sure you don’t splash out your gaming budget before having some fun. We recommend you try your luck at free online casinos first. Free online casinos are a great way of learning the ins and outs for the game of your choice. One should mention that although Free to Play casinos are a great way to grab the essence/rules of a game, it doesn’t mean you will be successful as an actual online casino. Ex. Free to Play poker games tend to wager their bets a bit riskier since well, there are no repercussions.


The land of Online casinos is vast, and if one is not too careful they can land themselves in trouble! Always do your research when picking the right Online Casino, for the points mentioned as well as for the Welcome Bonus. Make sure you have a basic understanding of the game you want to play and try to have a few practice rounds at a Free to Play Online Casino. Finally don’t forget the importance of strategy! Now go out there and enjoy the online gaming world!