Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Weddings are extremely special occasions. This is that one ceremony that joins two souls for a lifetime. It marks the beginning of a marriage. When that marriage goes on for years, unaffected by the ups and downs in their lives the moments of celebration too are enhanced. Celebrating Wedding Anniversaries has been a tradition in almost every country.

While everyone talks about celebrating the milestones Anniversaries like the 10th anniversary, the 25th anniversary, the 30th Anniversary, people usually miss out on talking about the anniversaries that come between these years – the odd years. Each Wedding Anniversary is equally special is what we believe.

So, if your Wedding Anniversary is nearing, then we have some amazing gift ideas for you to surprise your spouse with. Having something to remember your wedding day never fails to warm your hearts. It is the special time of your life that you celebrate each other’s love.

3rd Anniversary Gift Ideas

3 years is not a very long time but is still a special day. Love would be still young and the eagerness to gift would be fresh. The 3rd Anniversary is considered special for gifting leather and crystal. Here are a few gift ideas:

  • Buy a leather wallet-set for you and your spouse that you can flaunt as a couple.
  • Get a special chocolate bouquet for your spouse, picking up their favourite chocolates and candies, delicious and tempting.
  • Take your spouse out on a special date, at the same place where you met for the first time, recreating the romantic experience for both of you.

14th Anniversary Gift Ideas

14 years is a quite long time. By now you must have formed a special bond and a special understanding. With your cute little kids running around, you must be having a blast of a life with your loved one. Here we have a few gift ideas for you:

  • The special stone for the 3rd Anniversary is a pearl. So you can gift a pearl or an article from pearl to your wife or husband.
  • Buy a stylish wrist watch set for you and your spouse so that you both can manage your time very well for each other, and can always live in the moment.
  • Buy a nice jewellery piece for your spouse. You can gift a nice pair of attractive earrings to your wife and a delicate necklace with a sophisticated pendant. You can gift your husband with a nice and classy bracelet, or an antique ring.
  • You can get a personalised caricature made out of your favourite photo of you and your spouse. It will be a special gift that you can cherish for life.

28th Anniversary Gift Ideas

28 years is that middle stage in your marriage life where your kids may have started settling down. There would be so many memories that you both must have created, and so many more that you are yet to create. A few ideas for gifts on 28th Anniversary:

  • Gift a grooming kit to your spouse. You can also collect and create a nice set of customized grooming products. There are many websites and brands which offer such products. Try to include the amazing products or brands that your spouse loves to use.
  • Make a nice mix-tape for your special partner. Add all their favourite song tracks and the ones which mean a lot to you as a couple. Go Retro and create a special effect. Create a retro ambiance for dinner and have a romantic dance with nice red wine to go with. A little would make happy memories.
  • Gift a nice smartwatch to your spouse. It is in-trend and makes for an amazing Anniversary gift.

46th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Completing 46 years with your special one is no joke. It definitely calls for a grand celebration! But, at this age you may or may not want to spend it with a big bunch of people. What you can do is create a space for you and your special one, and spend some quality time with each other. Not more, but just celebrating your years and memories together as a couple. Here we have a few gift ideas for you:

  • Record a video of you sharing your emotions for your spouse and tell them how much you love them. Share your memories that you both have made together. Add photos and videos from all these 46 long years. Add some nice romantic music to complement it.
  • Select and gift 46 different gifts to your spouse. Some of the gifts may be small and some may be expensive and bigger. Even smaller gifts can become significantly adorable memories.
  • Gift a nice pair of resting sofa seats – one each for both of you. You can relax together and cherish all the good memories that you have created with each other, and listen to your favorite music while reading some good books, with a cup of coffee.


The value of your marriage is not decided by what you gift your spouse with. You may gift them with a simple rose, or you may gift a diamond jewelry set to them. The love and care that you share for each other is what matters in the end. Spending your entire life with one person may be challenging, but if you have faith in each other, and a great amount of respect for each other, all of it is made simple. Celebrate every moment of your day with your spouse. No other person in the world can take the place that your spouse holds in your life. Make them feel special every day, and love them unconditionally. Happy Wedding Anniversary!