Ways To Keep Your Pool Hazard-Free

Your swimming pool adds value to your home. It makes your property look great and it provides an excellent place for exercise, pool side parties and family bonding. However, having your own pool comes with certain hazards and this is why the experts at SF Pool Fence Inspections insist you must take the right steps to make your pool safe. Below are some great ways to keep your pool safe for both children and adult users.

Build A Pool Fence

A pool without a fence is an accident waiting to happen. This is the view of swimming pool security experts, and we have to assume they know what they are talking about in this context. A pool fence should be high enough to keep children out of the pool and this means your fence should be at least five feet high. It can be even higher than this if you have tall teenage kids who are naturally curious and keen on swimming pool adventures. This fence should open outwards and must be properly locked all the time especially when you are not around to supervise pool activity. Having a pool fence does not do you any good if you your pool security can be breached. For this reason, you must ensure that ladders and other object that may help your kids get into the pool are always out of reach.  Be sure to check out options like Pool Fencing Sydney as well.

Install An Alarm System

A pool is so important that some states will not approve your swimming pool if you don’t have the right swimming pool alarm. Now, it is one thing to install a pool alarm system, but it is another thing entirely to get the right one. Some people make mistakes when they install a swimming pool alarm. They go for alarms that alert them when somebody gets into the pool. The purpose of the swimming pool alarm is to prevent any unfortunate accidents and not to carry out damage control. It follows that the right pool for you is the one that will make it impossible for unauthorized users to get access into your pool. You already have your pool fence in place. Now, install an alarm system that alerts you when people get too close to the pool fence and not when they actually get into the water. This could make the difference between life and death. Get answers to your questions by checking out pool fence panels brisbane.

Get Rid of the Diving Board

Sometimes, you have to wonder why parents insist on having a diving board in the pool area. The risks outweigh the benefits by far. The people using your pool are not professional swimmers so they don’t need a diving board. This board is particularly dangerous for children because it makes them prone to pool injuries. Even for people who are expert swimmers, the diving board is a risk. Ditch the diving board and, while you are it, get rid of the pool slides as well. You want to enjoy your pool and you don’t want people who use your pool to end up at the intensive care unit of a nearby hospital.

Mark the Deep End Properly

Your swimming pool has a shallow area and a deep end. Now, it is not pragmatic to build a fence separating the shallow end of the pool from the deep end but you can make your pool safe by properly demarcating both areas. The smart move here is to have a rope that clearly demarcates the deep area of the pool. This way, inexperienced swimmers know where they should stay and they also know where to avoid. This simple and smart move will help you keep swimming pool hazards at bay.

Have A First Aid Box Nearby

You are not praying for an accident to happen anywhere near your pool but pays to be prepared for any unexpected circumstances. For this reason, you should have a first aid box nearby all the time. This ensures that people who have accidents at your pool get immediate assistance. By the same token, you must have a life ring and rescue tube nearby. These things come in handy in case you have to pull anyone out of the water.

Store Chemicals Safely

You need pool chemicals to protect people who swim in your pool. These chemicals kill germs in the water and generally make the water safe. However, accidents can happen if these chemicals are not properly handled. Always mix these chemicals the right way and always wear protective gear when you are mixing pool chemicals. Remember that some of these chemicals contain dangerous substances. Keep them out of the reach of children and store them in safe places.

Have swimming Rules and Enforce Them

One way to ensure that your pool remains a safe place for all users is to have swimming rules in place and enforce these rules. Your rules should apply to both adult and children. To make things clear to all users, you should have a signpost with these rules clearly indicated.

Your swimming pool should be a place relaxation, good times and fun. Enforce pool side safety measures and you avoid unfortunate accidents all the time.