Virtual Numbers: Your Complete Buying Guide

Internet phone numbers? Those sound like something out of some futuristic movie.

Well, guess what? The future is now.

The only reason VoIP phone numbers aren’t as popular as Toll Free Numbers  because it’s extremely unassuming. No one ever thinks they need it until the worst happens – their identity has been stolen or their phones are clogged with calls and texts from too many people.

If you’re worried about these potential repercussions of having your personal information exposed, it’s time that you buy a virtual phone number.

In this post, we’ll tell you how you can buy phone number online, the nature of this tech, and our top picks. Read on to find out more.

What should you think about when you buy a virtual number?

To buy virtual phone number, you only have to go through these steps: choose, review, and pay. So it’s very much like buying practically anything online.

What you really should know about are the considerations that go into getting one because not all numbers are the same. Here’s how you narrow down your options:

1.  Know the reason you need the number

There are few types available, all of which have different uses. For example, if it’s for personal use, you probably won’t need a toll-free number.

Or if you just need one to create an account Telegram or Viber, one-use numbers would work better for you. As long as you don’t change your phone, you wouldn’t have an issue.

2. Know how long you’d need it

If you’re sure you’re going to use it for a long time, lock into a longer-term contract. Usually, providers offer discounts so you might as well shave a few dollars off your purchase.

3.  Research your chosen provider

Even if the price is a consideration, you shouldn’t go with the cheapest you can find. Service quality is much more important. Look into the reviews and see what customers are saying.

But why would you go through all this trouble in the first place to buy virtual numbers?

Virtual IP number: your gateway to privacy, security, and convenience

A virtual phone number functions just like your regular number. You can complete texts and calls just like how you would. But the biggest difference here is there is no actual SIM that holds your number.

This one is created, maintained, and used through the internet. And because of the very nature of how it’s created, you enjoy the following benefits:

  •  Improved security. No longer do you need to give out your “real” number as you can now redirect texts and calls coming from an IP phone number to it.
  •  Maintain your privacy. You can separate business from life without carrying two phones with you all the time.
  •  Maximized reach. A call center can be anywhere, and the person at the other end of the line wouldn’t be the wiser. You can buy virtual numbers from a certain area to cut international call costs, regardless of your location.

And to access these benefits? All you have to do is use the app your provider endorsed or link it to your primary number.

Depending on your area and the IP number you got, you may be charged a small fee for every call you make.

Our top pick: HotTelecom

It’s a no-brainer really. HotTelecom has proven itself again and again as an incredibly reliable provider to get a virtual phone number. Here’s why we think so:

Exceptional quality connection

One of the most sought-after qualities in any provider, HotTelecom makes sure that your connection is always at its best. So if you’re worried about unreliable call quality, you don’t have to be.

They make sure that when you call, every word is crystal clear. So to the person at the other end of the line, it would be as if you’re in the same area.

Top-notch customer support

If you have queries or concerns, you can always rely on their amazing customer support ready to answer – whether before or after you buy virtual number.

HotTelecom is all about ensuring you maximize the benefits of your number by making it easy for you to access technical support when you need it.

90+ countries with available numbers

HotTelecom dominates the market with a wide selection of numbers. And with even more local area codes available, you know you’ll always find the perfect number for you.

To accommodate everyone, they ensure to provide numbers even in areas not as “popular.” Because to them, everyone matters.

HotTelecom: Connecting you to the world

Whether for travel, personal, or business, HotTelecom is your connection to the world. Their virtual numbers have always been a trusted companion by many people who rely on calls for connectivity.

With their help, you can reach practically anyone who uses a phone – even those without an internet connection.

Want to keep everyone close? HotTelecom’s virtual number will always be the best way to go.