Valorant’s Newest Skins: VCT Team Capsules

Are Valorant fans ready for the new Valorant VCT season? Get ready to deck out your arsenal and directly support your favorite teams with the arrival of the Valorant VCT Team Capsules, the first-ever collection of team-branded cosmetics.

This isn’t just about adding some cool skins to your collection (although that’s a perk). The Valorant VCT Team Capsules are designed to foster a thriving esports ecosystem where fans and teams can truly connect. Here’s why these capsules are a game-changer:

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More Than Just Valorant Skins

Last year, the purchases of Valorant VCT skins Collection directly contributed over $33 million to partnered teams. With the Valorant VCT fully established in 2024, including four new ascension teams and the long-awaited Valorant VCT CN, Team Capsules take fan support to a whole new level. 50% of the profits from each capsule go directly to your chosen team, allowing you to invest in their future directly.

How Can You Get Yours?

Team Capsules will be available for purchase throughout the 2024 season through the all-new in-game Esports Store (accessible from the Store page under the “Esports” tab). The launch schedule varies by region, but most regions can expect them on February 21st alongside patch 8.03. China will have a separate launch in May to coincide with Masters Shanghai.

As this is a limited-time event, make sure to not miss out. This is why I recommend players to top up Valorant before their next visit to the store.

Designed with Fan Input and Team Spirit in Mind

These capsules had to capture the essence of all 44 Valorant VCT International League partner teams. The development process began in early 2023 and involved close collaboration with teams to ensure their unique identities shine through. A standout feature is the Player Card, designed by the teams themselves! These expressive cards showcase each team’s personality, legacy, and maybe even some community memes.

The devs landed on the classic Classic pistol for the weapon of choice. Just like a jersey for an athlete, the Classic is a core part of every VALORANT player’s experience.  When it came to features, the devs consulted pro players to identify what matters most in competitive play. The result? Must-have features like crisp Firing Audio SFX and distinctive Kill Banners.

The Classic Gets an AR Upgrade

Speaking of the Classic, this skin has taken things a step further with an innovative augmented reality (AR) Inspection feature. Upon inspection, the team logo and name will pop out from the weapon, adding a whole new level of flair to your clutch plays.

What’s Packed Inside?

Each VCT Valorant Team Capsule is a treasure trove of team spirit, including:

  • Team-themed Classic skin with AR Inspect
  • Unique Kill Banner
  • Custom Firing Audio SFX
  • VCT Muzzle Flash FX in team colors
  • Player Card co-designed by the team
  • Gun Buddy featuring the team logo
  •     Spray showcasing the team logo

The Future of Esports Cosmetics

The Valorant VCT Team Capsules are a direct result of your unwavering support for the Valorant VCT and its teams. It is exciting to see how the Team Capsules are received and will continue to explore ways to innovate esports cosmetics in VALORANT.

So grab your capsules, rep your team with pride, and get ready to cheer on your favorites as they fight for Valorant VCT glory!