Useful Dating Tips Every Date Needs To Know

First dates aren’t easy and can be nerve wrecking – here are some tips to ensure they’re successful.

 Tip 1 Relax

First dates may cause anxiety, but you need to relax and be calm. He asked you to go out with him so he is interested. However, you shouldn’t clam up, and at the same time, don’t change to a babbling brook. Engage in an activity that will calm you down before the date, so that you’ll be yourself, the person he will fall in love with.


Tip 2. Dress well

Depending on the place he’s taking you, you’ll pick the perfect outfit for the occasion. If you’re going out for a movie and dinner, dress nicely but don’t overdo it. If you’re going on an adventure, why put on the high heels?

Tip 3. Don’t bring controversial topics in your talks

When on a date, there’s usually time to get into serious conversations. Beginning with political or religious topics isn’t the right way to begin a first date conversation, even if you have common beliefs. This date should be fun-filled for both of you to enjoy. If you work at the same place as your date, you may not want to discuss work a lot.

Tip 4. Inform someone of your whereabouts

We want to think of the best in people, however, it’s important to make sure you are safe. Inform your family or best friend about where you are going, and the person accompanying you. Write as many details about your date, so that if something happens (heaven forbid), your loved ones will have a way forward.

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 Tip 5. Don’t get in the car with a stranger

Our parents always warned us about this when we were young, and it still applies as for adults, better safe than sorry. If you’ve only known each other through online conversations, make sure you ask to meet him. The meeting place should be a lit place, with some people at least.

Tip 6. Don’t talk much, take turns

I guess you don’t feel comfortable when your date goes on and on with their conversation, so don’t be that kind of girl. Your first date should be like a ping pong game. The conversation should go from either of you to the other, taking turns respectfully.

Tip 7. Drink responsibly

Your date could be a good person, but remember going out has plenty of dangers. Be cautious of your surroundings, other people can cause you problems. Besides, you don’t want to turn off a nice guy by getting super drunk and becoming ungovernable on your first date.

Tip 8 Have an open mind

He may appear a guy that’s not your type, but he can make you laugh. Don’t judge too much, until you know enough about your date. The first date is usually the tip of the iceberg so don’t rush. Don’t give up so fast or be very picky just because he makes a few mistakes or he appears awkward, he could be stressed out in the presence of the girl he likes.

Tip 9. Watch out for negative signs

You also need to pay attention to your gut. It is one thing to feel the absence of a connection with someone. And it’s another to get the heebie-jeebies. In case your date makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe ensure you’ve got a bailing plan if there’s a need to. At most bars and restaurants, you can discreetly alert staff to escort you out of the place safely.