Understanding what to do to install a farm house kitchen sink

When you renovate your kitchen, you expect it to be different from others. You get diverse elements to put together a theme living in your imagination without realizing that something can go wrong if they don’t mix and match the way you desired. But farmhouse sinks can make this experience easy for you. They can instantly change the overall design, creating a wow factor that may not be so quickly obtainable otherwise. However, you have to take care of the installation part, as the massive structure and under mount fitting of the farmhouse design differ from traditional sinks and require a bit of attention. 

So, if you are thinking of getting an undermount farmhouse sink, it would help to learn how to install it or what can make its installation process simple. Here is a brief account of the same to lead you through this experience. Let’s explore it quickly.

The size and dimension of the farmhouse sink

For an under mount apron front design, you need a base cabinet that is three inches wider compared to the sink. It should have a 1.5-inch space on both sides. Some of the most preferred sink sizes include 30-, 33-, and 36-inches. If your kitchen is generously spacious, you can opt for 35 or higher lengths. These will be roomy, due to which your daily tasks will be easy to perform.  For a smaller kitchen, a 26-inch sink size can also be ideal. The depth will take care of the dirty dishes’ storage, while the shorter dimension will not crowd the area.  

The size of the base cabinet 

If you don’t have a base cabinet or have not got it designed yet, there is nothing to fret. You can buy any size. Just make sure it is wide enough to accommodate your apron front sink. However, if you plan to hire a cabinet maker, it will be better to discuss measurements with them. Both of you will know what will work best, and the latter part of the job will become easy to manage.

Some people like to work around the existing base cabinet to bring their installation cost down. Generally, companies advise homeowners to go with a cabinet that is three inches bigger than the sink size. The sink’s maximum length tends to be ¼ inches less than the inner width of the cabinet. Besides, the sink’s height will most likely be about the distance between the top of your cabinet doors and the top of your cabinet base. You can customize the doors to avoid any issue with the sink height.

As far as accommodating the undermount sink’s width goes, you must know that most branded sinks tend to be 18 to 20 and a half inches wide. It can be suitable for faucet fitting. 

The types of under mount sink material 

Although there are fabulous options in the material, you can go after composite and stainless steel sinks. Quartz composite farmhouse sinks are quite coveted for their modern look and feel. You can also get them in different colors, such as white, gray, black, and brown. If you need freedom for experimentation, you can trust this design and its palette to fulfill your demands. Durability is also not an issue as they consist of strong materials and undergo a rigorous manufacturing process. The only challenge is the weight. Quartz composite sinks can be a bit heavy.

If you don’t want to deal with this issue, selecting ADA compliant stainless steel sink can be the right solution. The sleek and sophisticated design can elevate any modern interior theme while echoing traditional charm because of the classic farmhouse style. At the same time, stainless steel is well-known for its durability, strength, and performance.

The countertop and cabinets

How to cut the countertop depends on the sink material. If you go with composite granite, it will be better to wait for the item to get delivered at your place. Due to the use of natural materials, the dimensions can vary a bit. Otherwise, you can refer to the sink installation template to proceed with counters cut. 

Another thing is you have to decide whether you want the edges of the sink to remain exposed or covered. The exposed edges would need the countertop to overlap the sink walls. You also have to seal the joint well to avoid gaps. Besides, you have to consider the round corners also. It can look amazing if you allow the corner’s roundness to extend beyond the counter for an organized appeal.

If you don’t have a user’s manual for this, you can hire a professional agency. It can prove safer and smart. The experts can cut your countertops to accommodate your undermount apron front sink well.

Other than this, it would be best if you also thought about providing adequate support to the sink structure. Since composite granite can be heavier than others, you will have to arrange all the items to build proper support for the sink. These can include plywood, wood screws, strong adhesive, a drill, and a cutting tool. Or, you can buy an installation kit. Still, it is better to choose professional help in this matter to avoid any kitchen disasters.

However, it may help to know that the plywood’s thickness can be ½ inches to 5/8 inches, depending on the sink’s weight. To be precise, for a sink weighing less than 100lbs, you can get ½ inches thick plywood. For anything above that, a 5/8-inch thickness can be sufficient. Anyway, it would help if you verified it before buying your supplies, not to allow any wastage.

These are a few things that you need to figure out beforehand to steer clear of any last-minute disappointment. You can benefit from your knowledge even if you bring a contractor for this job. So, don’t take any chance. Farmhouse sinks in undermount designs tend to be a fantastic addition to kitchens. You only have to choose the right material and size. At the same time, you need to make sure it installs flawlessly.