Understanding the Effects of Indica vs. Sativa

As medical and recreational marijuana become legal in more countries and states, there is a growing base of users enjoying its effects and getting more into it. However, some things are still puzzling about the weed, especially the difference between Indica and Sativa.

You might have heard both the terms being thrown around in the marijuana world quite often, but are you sure you know what they mean?

Two species of cannabis, Sativa, and Indica share many similarities as well as distinct features. While some marijuana dispensaries state that Indica is more calming and Sativa more energizing, many experts claim that such statements are misleading.

Read on to learn about the differences between Indica and Sativa and the effects they can produce.

How Weed is like Wine

Weed is similar to wine in some ways. Both are incredibly complex substances, and they come in a variety of hybrids, species, tastes, effects, and appearance based on how it’s grown and what went into preparing it. Additionally, high-quality marketing strategies make buying the right type of weed too confusing.

For the average customer who wonders how to buy weed online in Canada, the differences between Bedrocan and Green Crack will be no more apparent than the factors that distinguish Tavel from Mourvèdre Rosé.

Similar to how red wines and white wines exist, there are also Sativas, Indicas, and even hybrids between them. Fortunately, the average pot smoker only needs to know whether they are Indica or Sativa kind of smoker.

Difference Between the Two

Currently, cannabis is grown across the world. However, the original strains of Indica and Sativa were grown in different climates that affected their DNA, thereby giving them other traits.

  • Indica

Also referred to as “in da couch,” Indica makes you feel relaxed and sleepy by giving you a body buzz. Though it results in a more stoned sensation, Indica has a much lower THC concentration than Sativa.

The most potent Indica strains grown in less temperate climates, Indica plants are short with fat leaves, and feature a thicker coating of resin to protect them from harsh winters.

The added resin translates to more powerful effects. Indica is perfect for insomniacs and people who suffer from stress and anxiety. It also works wonders in alleviating physical conditions like muscle pain and seizures.

  • Sativa

Conversely, Sativa, also known as “sativ-up,” is the perfect choice for the “wake and bake” horde. It is THC-heavy and provides a more energized and heady high feeling.

Equatorial by nature, this variety of cannabis are taller plants with thinner leaves and long flowering cycles. As the plant body is covered in less resin, the produced high is subtle and cerebral.

The best strains of sativa provide positive energy that is especially beneficial for creative and cerebral endeavors. Additionally, Sativa may also help manage depression, social anxiety, and ADHD.

The easiest way to find the difference between Indica and Sativa plants is by looking at them. Sativa plants are characterized by large, less dense flowers and leaves in contrast to Indica that appears compact and tight. However, hybridization has played a vital role in making the plants’ appearance deceiving.   Shop the best sativa vapes from the Bloom Brands with popular strains like Green Crack, Blue Dream and Super Lemon Haze.

But is There Really a Difference?

Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa look differently, but this peculiarity is only useful to growers. To find the effects provided by a strain, your best bet is to look at its chemical composition. Various factors can influence a cannabinoid’s profile, including THC, CBD, and terpenes. Understanding how these differentiators work will help you find a strain that is perfect for you.

  • THC

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is one of the significant drivers of cannabis’ recreational, therapeutic effects. It is specifically chosen by users who seek a euphoric experience. THC makes people feel high and hungry. It is also suitable for patients who suffer from pain and nausea, depression, anxiety, insomnia, etc.

  • CBD

Another essential compound, CBD (cannabidiol), is non-intoxicating. Strains that are CBD-dominant contain fewer THC levels and are primarily used by patients who need relief from anxiety, inflammation, pain, and many other medical conditions.

  • Terpenes

Aromatic compounds produced by plants, terpenes are commonly found in oranges, lavender flowers, pepper, and cannabis. Terpenes are what give cannabis the signature berry-, citrus-, pine-, or fuel-like smell.

Terpenes play an essential role in driving the energizing and sedating effects. How they cause which results vary based on their ratios to other cannabinoids.

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Begin Exploring Your Options

If you are interested in learning more about Indica and Sativa, consider talking to a healthcare provider or doctor. In Canada, where cannabis is legal, you can also visit a dispensary and talk to trained staff.

They will provide you more insights into the possible positive and negative effects and help you find the kind that suits your needs. Figuring out the right option for you will take time. Perhaps you will learn that you don’t tolerate cannabis well.