Understanding How The Screen Printing Process Works When You Order a Custom T-Shirt

Ordering a customized t-shirt can be a hassle if you’re not going to the right company.

The shirts can shrink, the lettering or images can be damaged, and you can find many other issues come into play. However, when you go to the right company, you’ll find you have exactly what you need.

Screen printing is a talent that the best companies, such as Mato & Hash, can do properly. Applying ink to fabric is done concisely and without fail with their skill. Keep reading to understand how this process works and why you should want it when ordering shirts.

It’s Been Around Longer Than You Think

The earliest version of screen printing evolved in China centuries ago using primitive methods. However, Japanese artists and Europeans adopted it later and created a phenomenon that people were interested in as design work evolved more quickly. Now it is pretty standard, and we’ve seen artists such as Mr. Warhol and Mr. Paolozzi use the technique for their artwork.

Why Screen Printing Is Used

Screen printing is used because the colors stand out more strongly and create a more vivid look. As a result, you have a product that looks better and will last. An excellent example of why people care for this process so much is to think about a product you get in a store. For this example, we want you to imagine a superstore. You can get good shirts here, but the images fade, or the design disappears after a few washes. As a result, you need something better.

Another reason the technique is so well-loved is that it allows you to reproduce a design multiple times. If you were interested in ordering one hundred shirts, you wouldn’t want to wait months for the person to design the image onto each shirt one by one by hand. This process is much quicker and can get your order far more quickly. That is the exact timeframe you need when you have an event or need your customized t0shirts more quickly.

What The Process Entails

The screen printing process is the technique of applying ink to the fabric. It will involve pushing the ink through a particular screen. This screen will have had your design burned onto it, and as a result, the printer allows you to have a bolder and shaper plan. It works best on an idea that has thicker letters, blocks, or lines of color as it can make them stand out far more effectively. The best part is that the technicians are highly trained and have experience matching the ink colors to the exact look you want. In addition to this, they do test runs first to ensure that there are no issues with your design. This is a great benefit when you want the best as you get a finished result as solid and vibrant as possible.

What Is Used For Your Shirt

Before you order your shirt, you should know what is involved in the screen printing process to see that you have the best materials available. Liquid plastic, or plastisol inks as it is sometimes referred to, will give the shirt a durable look while being flexible enough on the garment that it doesn’t get damaged. The liquid plastic also lasts for years, and you can avoid distress.

Unlike other methods, when you have screen printing that has been executed by a professional, you’ll also avoid having to wonder if the ink will wash out. The proper technician will ensure that the ink has been set entirely and at the appropriate drying temperature to ensure that you have something that can go into the washing machine a thousand times with no issue.

What Affects The Pricing In Screen Printing?

Like any other online order, many things affect the final price of a custom T-shirt. Screen printing is a process that requires a high degree of skill and knowledge, and as such, there will be a variety of factors that go into this price. For example, one of the things that you will have to pay for is additional colors and variations on your designs. Another area to assess would be the size. Depending on your size, the company may need another screen to do the image or idea you want. If that’s the case, you’ll need to pay for the extra materials.

One tip that can help you here is to know that the larger the number of shirts you order, the more the initial setup cost can be. However, that cost is divided and disbursed between each item. Your price ultimately goes down, and you have a better deal with more excellent value.

Does It Take A Long Time?

The time it takes a company to do this depends upon the skill. The setup process involved in screen printing tends to take longer than the actual printing itself. The execution stage can begin once the screen has been burned with the final design and the image looks right. Another factor that comes into play is that the company is bound by the time it takes to complete each garment. This process will take longer for larger orders as the company deals with more screens and materials. You can also check out Printing Company for more great options.

A Better Way To Design

As you can see from the information that we have provided above, screen printing is a better way for companies to use the resources they have at hand to create a better product for them. No one likes getting a product that won’t last and will wear out quickly. Screen printing is no longer an issue because they are durable and will last for years. You don’t have to worry about distress, damage, or any other issues. Just remember that in choosing the right company, you are choosing the best and most professional option. As a result, you’ll have a bolder, fresher design that looks great no matter where you go.