Types of Ceiling Fans

A ceiling fan is the one item that can make your room look stylish, add comfort, produce more lighting, and reduce your heating and cooling bill. They add some sophistication to a home, and despite the style of home you have, you will find something right for you. With that said, read on to discover the different types of ceiling fans available.

Standard Ceiling Fans

Most ceiling fans that you find in homes are in this group. They are the most popular and oldest types of ceiling fans, blending both functionality and versatility. You will also find them in a variety of colors and styles, allowing them to fit into any type of interior décor. Most standard fans are accompanied by different accessories such as light kits, remote controls, and customizable blades. A standard ceiling fan comes with 3 to 5 blades that are either fixed under, on the sides, or above the ceiling fan’s motor. They also have a down–rod that connects the ceiling to the fan. When choosing this type of ceiling, consider the size of the room. A fan that is too large in a small room will make the room feel even smaller, and a small fan in a large room will not be efficient in circulating air.

Energy Star Ceiling Fans

How about saving some cash on your utility bill while enjoying the comfort that comes with a ceiling fan? That is what you get when you buy an energy star ceiling fan. This is a type of fan certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency. For a fan to be rated as energy-saving, it needs to use about 20 to 30% less energy than the federal standard requirements. An energy star ceiling fan has the best motor with modern blade designs. And even though they are slightly more costly than their traditional counterparts, they will give you a return on your investment by being energy efficient.

Low-Profile Ceiling Fans

These types of ceilings are also referred to as flush-mount ceiling fans or hugger fans. They are designed to provide proper air circulation to lower ceiling heights. Any space less than 8ft tall will do. Instead of using a down-rod, this ceiling fan is directly installed in the mounting bracket. Just because they are short in style, it does not make them any less appealing. You will find flush mounted ceiling fans in a variety of colors and styles, just like a standard ceiling fan.

Ceiling Fans With Lights

This is the right ceiling fan for a homeowner torn between installing a ceiling fan or an ambient light fixture over the main area of a house. A ceiling fan with lights allows you to have both. You will find a variety in the store, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable ambiance around the house and a cool breeze.

Dual Motor Ceiling Fans

If you are going with an industrial style for your home, you may want to consider dual motor ceiling fans. They feature two motors, two horizontal rods, and two adjustable fan heads. One of the major advantages of these fans is that each fan can be set at its own speed. They are also commonly found in commercial and public spaces.

Commercial Ceiling Fans

Just like the name suggests, commercial ceiling fans are ideal for commercial places like shopping malls, restaurants, and offices. They can also be installed in a room with a high ceiling height. They do not consume a lot of energy and can be used in any weather, which makes them ideal for a space without air conditions. They will cool a room during summer, and in winter, the blades can be reversed to help keep the place warm.

Wet and Damp Ceiling Fans

Wet and damp ceiling fans are for the outdoors. They are similar with only a tiny difference. A damp ceiling fan can withstand moisture or humidity but not heavy rainfall. A wet ceiling is waterproof, meaning it can survive heavy rainfall or any other weather element. Here is what you need to know about outdoor ceiling fans.

  • Wet rating: It is a durable fan designed to withstand exposure to snow, rain, or even salty ocean breezes. You can install them in any outdoor space where they are directly exposed to the elements, and they will still survive. If you are unsure how much weather an outdoor space is exposed to, it is good to lean towards a wet-rated ceiling fan.
  • Damp rating: Ideal for an area that does not come into direct contact with water. That makes them perfect for a covered outdoor kitchen, a screened porch, and a covered patio.

Smart Ceiling Fans

Today, almost all appliances being used in a household are smart appliances. From a smart doorbell, thermostat, fridge, microwave, and now a ceiling fan. A smart ceiling fan allows you to control it from your phone or tablet. So, if your goal is to have as many smart gadgets in your home as possible, get this type of ceiling fan.

In the categories mentioned above, you will find a variety of ceiling fans in terms of size, finish, budget, and design. As long as you know the type of ceiling you are looking for, choosing the other elements is easy.