Turn Your Bland Kitchen into an Enviable Masterpiece

Do you want to turn your uninspiring kitchen into a desirable retreat but are intimidated by the task? Unfortunately, you’re not alone. Most homeowners drop kitchen renovations due to time and budget compulsions and a lack of expertise.

The kitchen is referred to as the “heart” of the home. Here, you make delectable dishes, feed your loved ones after a long day, serve meals, practice your cooking skills, etc.

Keep reading for some fresh, smoky ideas if you’re looking to revamp your kitchen or create a completely new one.

1.  Accent Walls

Wallpaper has had a renaissance in the last ten years. However, there’s no denying that wallpaper, from Gucci’s high-end designs to The Inside’s peel-and-stick papers, has a lot of staying power.

However, the trendy accent wall isn’t here to stay. People still love the wallpapered accent wall because it doubles as a large art piece. But some people expect to see more rooms with bold colors on all four walls next year.

Multiple wallpapered walls may have seemed excessive last decade, but in 2020, they will be just right.

2. Paint That Furniture

Painted furniture is a popular choice these days, rather than cabinets made of authentic raw materials. The kitchen’s painted cabinets, drawers, and other storage areas give it a contemporary look.

Original raw materials such as marble, granite, and other natural stones can complement the painted fittings. For example, if your kitchen cabinets are black, a white marble slab can complete the look.

Painted furniture also has the advantage of being low-maintenance. You can easily repaint cabins at any time.

3. Hang Artwork on Your Walls

Hanging artwork in your dining room is an excellent idea if you’re going for an artsy and contemporary look. You can use any type of kitchen canvas wall art prints, from photographs to paintings to 3D art and sculptures.

For example, you display local artists’ work in your establishment and allow customers to purchase it. As a result, you’ll have beautiful art to hang in your restaurant while also supporting the local art community.

Displaying photographs and paintings of famous landscapes and landmarks in that region is a great way to give your restaurant a sense of authenticity if you serve ethnic cuisine.

4. Neon Lighting

Neon lighting has had a moment in everything from high-end art and custom designs to college dorms, gyms, etc.

Unfortunately, the majority of people believe that this design is on its way out. It means that while it looks excellent in photos, who does not want to live with it? There’s a reason why trends exist.

5. Marble Is Timeless

When it comes to kitchen interior design, nothing can compare to the popularity of marble. But, of course, the first thing that comes to mind when you see marble fixtures is luxury.

A marble slab or a marble dining table will add the touch of elegance that every modern kitchen requires. You can also go with a marble sink, which goes well with golden faucets.

6. Add Plants to Your Dining Space

Adding plants to your dining space can add life and a splash of color to your front-of-house area if done correctly.

Cacti and succulents are excellent choices if you want to use natural plants. This is because they are easy to care for and don’t emit any odor. Additionally, you can decorate your space with a variety of realistic-looking fake plants.

7. Dual Tone Theme Kitchen

Using a dual-tone instead of a single color throughout the kitchen is popular these days. In addition, you can use contrasting colors for the walls and cabinets.

Likewise, the dining table and chairs can contrast the walls and floorings if your dining area is part of the kitchen. Black and gold, black and white, powder blue and white, and white and warm wood are examples of contrasting colors. These all work well in a two-tone kitchen.

8. Farmhouse Concept

A farmhouse-style kitchen is ideal if you want to create a modern and inviting space. The neutral colors, incorporation of wood, and old furniture characterize the country’s living-inspired style.

Decorating with a farmhouse style opens up a world of possibilities. It’s also cost-effective because the majority of the items you’ll need can be recycled.

9. New Floor Coverings

Mixing up the floors is another simple way to upgrade your kitchen. If you haven’t changed your kitchen rug in a while, it’s time to do so. Also, if you’ve decided on a color scheme for the kitchen, make sure it complements it.

Finally, consider peel-and-stick tiles or a floating floor if your flooring requires an upgrade but isn’t ready for a significant renovation.

10. Pay Attention To The Lights

kitchen are directly influenced by lighting. Lighting fixtures that are sleek, simple, and stylish are ideal for a modern kitchen. The lights are usually horizontal and aligned with the kitchen cabinets.

The kitchen is an excellent location for task lighting. Sculptural lights, which combine decorative art and functionality, are another popular choice this year and light up your kitchens in style!

11. Technology

The technology in any modern kitchen can be identified. Smart lights, wifi-enabled gadgets, and a dedicated charging station are typical markings of a modern kitchen. On the other hand, isn’t it convenient to have everything controlled by a remote? You could even use your phone!

12. No More Cabinets

Reove those cabinets entirely if you genuinely want to transform the look of your kitchen. Yes, using floating shelves instead of kitchen cabinets saves a lot of space and gives your kitchen a more modern look.

Floating shelves can be used in the upper half of the kitchen, while closed cabinets are used in the lower half. Make sure the cutlery on the floating shelves is deserving of being displayed.

Closed cabinets can be used to store utensils that cannot be displayed openly. Wood or glass can be used to create floating shelves. There may be a challenge here because these are always open; keeping them organized can be difficult.

However, if you’re confident in your organizational abilities, you can go with floating shelves in your kitchen.

Pro Tip

Hiring a professional to revamp or design your modular kitchen is a good idea. You can do this if you’re unsure about some of the ideas listed above. They are experts in interior design who will dual-to provide you with the best solution for your needs.